Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love or Lust Songs???

A lot of my blogs come from random status updates or conversations that I have on facebook. A while ago I made the statement that people don't make love songs anymore, they just just make lust songs. This statement was brought back to my attention when I was looking at someone's twitter updates and they said that one of their favorite love songs was Seduction by Usher. I was like really? I love that song, but I truly do not see it as a love song, but I lust song. Why do I say this??? I think the song shows nothing but sensuality. People look at me crazy when I say this (don't judge me) and if you want an explanation then ask...Just because I might want to have sex with you does not mean that I love you...will not go into details, like I said ask.

I said all this to say. Do people right love songs anymore??? Yes, but most songs out there are lust songs in my opinion. For instance some of my favorite songs right now come from artist like Musiq, Anthony Hamilton, and Ledisi. I hear love songs from them that truly talk about love in relationships...not just wanting to sleep with some one. One of my favorite songs that I consider a love song is The Wedding Song by John P. Kee, it has the best line ever to me...

You've must have been heaven sent because no one can compliment my calling like you do.

This might not be the exact words, but it is the the gist of what I love. I think this statement says a lot in a few words. I think for this to be accomplished true love has to take place. Just my thoughts.

I wish that true love songs were produced more. Now nothing is left up to the imagination. Songs just talk about how you look or how much a person wants to sleep with you and that is called love song...Prime example is Birthday Sex, now I will admit that I get caught up in the song, but really. Birthday Sex? How is that different then other sex? This is not a love song, but a lust song...but people confuse that with love...Which to me leads to a bigger problem of do people really know what love is or are they just in lust....that topic is for another blog.

I have vented for today. Just something that was irritating me today. I am working on a class I have to teach tomorrow evening....Have thoughts, but have to bring them together. I might want to get started.


Andre said...

I definitely see your point. The younger peeps are confusing lust songs with love songs, just because they are slow. Although, Ledisi, Chrisette Michele and Maxwell are still making great love songs. But on the topic of Lust songs.. NOTHING beats Anytime Anyplace by janet jackson..just had throw that in blog

Humbly Beautiful said...

LOL! Love Anytime Anyplace...That whole cd was nice!