Friday, February 11, 2011

February 9, 2010

On this day was the first time I spent 5.5 hours to go somewhere that usually takes 20 minutes. Can you say I was pissed!!!! See Nashville had snow and since it is the south several things happened.

  1. People do not know how to drive in the snow
  2. The city (as many times as it snows) does not know how to prepare for it.
  3. Everyone freaked out and left the office when they see two flakes of snow.
  4. Where I work has over 20,000 employees and in my opinion they all left at the same time and that caused it to take TWO hours to get off campus!
  5. Did I mention that people here do not know how to drive in the snow??????
During that 5.5 hours I tweeted, posted pics on facebook, chatted with other people on facebook who were stuck in the snow (in same vicinity).  This helped the time go by, but still the principle of being stuck in a car and truly wasting that much time of my life (although I probably waste that time doing other things). 

Now that that horror is over. Once it starts snowing again while I am at work I am so not leaving until extra late, let the crazy people get stuck in traffic.

Just had to vent....

SN....I so want to walk the loop during my lunch break (about 3.2 miles) but the temp outside is stuck at 10 degrees, it need to at LEAST get to freezing (never thought I would say that) for me to even attempt it.

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