Monday, November 15, 2010

Been in a Funk

Since being in a car accident last week I have truly been in a serious funk. I have done basically nothing. Luckily I had deep cleaned my apartment a week before so it was not too messy. I have not even been able to post the photo challenge posts...and those are easy.

I love blogging and it lets me get things out, but lately I have not had the desire to do that....even though I needed to let some things out.  I am slowly recovering from my accident. Gone to doctor and now going to chiropractors, which is helping. My neck still hurts and I am having some issues with my leg, but when I look back over how sever the accident could have been...I am blessed!

I am going to slowly get back into blogging and my life this week. I have to find a new car, which I am not excited about because the old one was paid for.  Hopefully I can get something reliable that is used, but I want to step up. Had a sentra which was a great car, but I am older now and wanted something a little bigger, maybe even an altima, we shall see.

I will post photo challenge pic next....not exactly what the topic is, but it gets me back into blogging mode.

I am thankful to be able to write and vent. Yes I have been in a funk, and the picture above describes how I felt last week, but hopefully by the end of the week things will look on the up and up!

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