Sunday, August 4, 2013

Social Media Detox

For those who follow me on my Random Thoughts blog you know that I am on a social media detox until my birthday......this is interesting and I am only on day 4.  I am doing it to first see if I can stay off of facebook, twitter, & instagram and also to focus on some other things going on in my life.

Although, I post at most 1-2 times a day on facebook I am realizing how much time I spend chatting, surfing, and just looking at what other people post. The first day I was on my detox I realized my morning routine consists of waking up checking my phone for what time it is and then to see if I have any alerts.  That is sad......Twitter is a bigger addiction. I would check all during the day for funny things that people post or articles or news stories about things that interest me. I never knew how much time I spent on social media sites.

Now I have begun to think about what will I do after the detox....will I go back to my usual browsing of twitter, fb, and instagram every spare moment I have? Will I not use it as much? I honestly do not know. I see now how much these sites have become so much a part of our lives. I mean I cannot have your phone number but fb message you as if we were texting.  I have several friends who plan outings and gatherings via facebook that I might miss will on my detox.

No matter what will happen after the detox I have learned more about the good and bad of the sites and will continue to use them in same way or form for a while.

recent pic of me after getting my hair done for first time in years! She actually cut a lot of it off!

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