Friday, August 15, 2008

Just do you....

I am always thinking and processing things in my mind which sometimes scares, but I got to thinking today.... Why can't people just be themselves? Why do we fit into the molds of other people. I am learning to just do you, rather people like it or not. I am me so love it or leave it. I am not saying people don't have room to grow and change, but you should not change the essence of you to fit in.

I think everyone needs to come to grips with who they are. I find people more pleasant when they are genuine and try not to fit in to other people's molds. I mean when I look at myself I am a loving, caring, nerd who likes to read. I love attention on an individual level, but not in group settings. I can be a clutz and sometimes everything I say or think does not make sense, but oh well. I am not the smallest person in the world, but not the biggest. I have big feet, but they go with my height. I love my hood music from time to time, oh well. I can be very random at times. I am me love it or leave it. Feel me?

Don't imitate me, don't try to be me, you just do you, is that hard???

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