Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carlos Waston talks about the "Lebron Factor"

This morning I was catching up on my blogs that I read and one had a posting that referenced a site that I really enjoy. Please read this posting and it will make more sense of what I am about to say.

This is not an argument for or against gay marriage, but his post brings up a good point. President Obama can't do it all. I am watcher of Morning Joe every morning and sometimes I get irritated because some people expect President Obama to fix everything yesterday...I am not saying our President is perfect, but I do think he and his team are working hard and wise. He has only been in office less than a year and came in with a lot of problems to solve. This country did not get in this mess overnight and it can't be fixed overnight.

One of my friends who was a poltical science major always says you have to start with your local politician. Our government has a checks and balance system and has so many components. Although we have a President he does not have absolute power. We have a vote, we have a voice. We need to take a moer active role in what goes on in society and stop complaining about it and be a part of the solution. This world is not perfect and it will never be, but we need to focus on the positive and help correct the negative.

Just my thoughts....Back to work. Hope whoever is reading this has a great day!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Accoutability: Actions toward of involving otheres that reflect the integrity of
the person you will be.

This statement really stood out to me. I have been dealing with a lot lately in my personal life and this is one area that keeps coming up. I think accountability is so lacking in today's society. I am thankful for my close friends and the ones who hold me accountable. We all have issues and all fall short, but I think that is where friends come in. To hold you accountable.

I think that it is so important in a friendship. I think too many people want friends who cosign on everything that they do even when they are wrong. To me that is not a good friend. This can cause you to get in situations that are not good for anyone involved.

But I think one part of accoutability that is hard, is doing it in love and not being judgemental. This is a hard line to walk. I have to be able to realize what ever decision I make after you attempt to hold be accountable that you still love me and are there for me. I might not agree with you, but I know you got my best interest at heart. Make sense?

Ok...I have more on my mind and need to get it out, this blog is leading to another one that might step on some people's toes, but I am praying about how to write it...hopefully the words will come in the near future.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Hair Dilemma Continues

Now that it is summer I am having issues with my hair...once again. A few months ago I decided to cut my hair and I loved it!! But now I miss it :-( , I want my hair back...I think??? When my hair is long I am able to put it in a ponytail when I work out or when I don't feel like doing it. I can have it naturally curly and all of these things I can't do now. I will give you examples of pros and cons of each style and would love your opinion...
Current Style (Short & Layered):

Pros: cute, short, easy to flat iron, color, body

Cons: no ponytail, hair natural looks crazy(too short), is in my face and makes it break out

Long & Curly:

Pros: I love curls, my beautician makes them stay, looks great on my face, ponytail capabilities

Cons: hard for me to do, sometimes curls go weird directions, frizzes unless I go to shop, sometimes curls get in the way, takes forever to do myself

Naturally Long & Curly or Crinkly (best pic I could find sorry):

Pros: long, easy to do (wash & go), ponytail looks good high up or low, no heat on hair
Cons: have to wash every twice a week, tangles, have to use moose, can be frizzy at times, can be too causal at times
Long wrapped & straight:

Pros: Manageable, cute, long, just have to wrap at night, frames my face without being all in my face, simple, ponytail capabilities
Cons: can frizz, long time to flat iron, gets plain over time, can get flat and lose bounce
Okay...would love for suggestions. I really don't know what I want to do with my hair now. Up for suggestions. Which style do you like most? Is there a combination of styles you might suggest? Let me know.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strive for Correction...Not Perfection

Today while on facebook one of my acquaintances from middle school wrote a note about relationships that was very good and very thought provoking and one statement really stood out to me...strive for correction, not perfection. Think about it, no one will ever be perfect except Jesus Christ and none of us are Him.

He talked about how we seek perfection in other people, but we are not perfect ourselves. This is in all relationships. None of us are perfect so we can't expect others to be. If you are always looking for that person to be perfect then your relationships will be void. Not to say not have standards and dreams, but not to have ideas of perfection that will never be met and don't expect people to live up to your ideas of perfection because they will always let you down.
Wrote all this to say...strive for correction, not perfection. Each experience in life take it as a learning one. When I was in band my director said it best....practice does not make perfect, it makes better. We are human and we make mistakes, but we should try to learn from our mistakes and move forward.