Monday, February 25, 2013

Days 11, 12, & 13: Frank, Ledisi, and Eric.....

This weekend I was under the weather and was resting this weekend so did not blogging :-( But I do want to keep up with my being thankful.  So I am combining the posts......

The 3 names listed in the title are 3 artists whose songs are speaking to me right now......

I am thankful that their lyrics were able to say what I am not always able to say.

Frank Ocean's Bad Religion

Ledisi's We are One

Eric Roberson's At the Same Time

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 10: This Beautiful Day!!!

Today is a beautiful day outside. The weather is amazing!!! I am thankful to just be able to go outside and enjoy it when I get off from work :-)

Day 9: My Job

Sorry....forgot to post yesterday, oops!!!

Well.... I am thankful for my job!! I love it!!! I work with cancer research, been doing it for about 6 years now. It has its ups and downs, but I can truly say I love what I do.  Makes me see the bigger picture and how things come together.  Life is short, value every moment of it!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 8: This Facebook Post

This morning I was in a not so great mood.....then this pic pops up in my news feed. Seeing forever families formed was the highlight of my former career. To see how the kids grow up still make me smile :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 7: The end of today

Today was a rough day, but.....I am at rest now. I use to work from sun up to sun down, now I can come home and chill.

TV or a nice book, glass of wine and dinner are the small things I enjoy and I am thankful for at the end of the day!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 6: Unconditional love

I am thankful for unconditional love. There are a few people in my life that have this for me, but I love them back unconditionally and I appreciate them. To be loved without any stipulations of pretenses. LOVE IT!!! We are all flawed human beings and some people will only love you if.....which can hurt and leave a void, but unconditional love? AMAZING!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 5: The Wire

This has to be one of my favorite shows!!! Why??? Because it solidified my love (don't judge me) for Idris Elba!!!! This scene was the scene that had be jacked up for days!! I was so drawn in by the character of Stringer Bell, see my original blog post here. He was the main reason that got me started watching the Wire and eventually hooked.

I am thankful for this show because it opened my eyes to a few things, it helped develop one of my biggest celebrity crushes to this date.  I loved how the show talked about a lot of the components that make up the drug dilemma in the United States and showed you the bigger picture.  The fourth season where they followed the kids was also a favorite of mine. Working with kids in the past stories like that I saw too often.

So yes I am very Thankful for the show The Wire and will be purchasing the entire DVD set this year so I can watch it whenever I want!!!!

Oh....and this is another favorite scene of mine....MY NAME IS MY NAME!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 4: Friends

I stole each picture from facebook (SHHHH!!!!)
My friends mean the world to me and I am forever thankful for each one of them.  Above are pictures of some of my dearest friends that put up with all of my ups and downs and love them all!!! (probably because they are just as crazy as I am, HA!!!) Just kidding.......or am I????  Will talk about them from left to right.....

Ashley: The picture is the most recent one I could fine (she does not do social media) We met in college, became close through church, she has been a sister, inspiration, and just a support since I have grown to love her.

Amanda: Met her a few years back and although we are complete opposites, she has taught me a lot and exposed me to things that I have been close minded to in the past. She was one of the motivators for me to get a tattoo!!!

Dorian: We have been friends since the days of band in high school. We do not talk as often, but when we do it is just like old times. She knows a lot of my ups and downs and we have had similar experiences and it is great to have someone to talk to that understands.

Eloise: Known her since I was SEVEN!!!! She is my sister from another mother....sometimes I think my mother likes her better, HA! She has been there for me and understands (at least I hope she does) by rants and ramblings. I am thankful she has been in my life and she is an inspiration!!!  Can you believe she is a MD??? I got smart friends!!!

Starling: We met freshman year of college and he is my brother!!! I can honestly say he is the only person that has seen me cry outside of family. He has been there throughout the years. We have had our moments, but he has always been there. He listens to my rants, samples my new recipes (although I think for selfish reasons), tries new restaurants with me when I get the urge.  He holds accountable and is a true support.

I guess this is a brief overview of why I am thankful for my friends. I love them all, but just highlighted a few!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 3: My Hometown of Memphis, TN

This blog will be short....typing from my iPhone. Thankful for being born and raised in Memphis, TN. It molded and shaped me into the person I am today.

Memphis was and is a great place and until I left the city I didn't realize the experiences and people I was able to be influenced by growing up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2: Saving our Daughters

I am thankful for the group Saving our Daughters. It is a group of kids I mentor through church. I love them!! The mentors, the girls, the lessons, and activities keep me on my toes. Yes, I mentor to give back, but I have been poured into through this group also. We have our ups and downs, but in the end we are a supportive group trying to make a difference in the lives of the next generation. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 1: My tattoo

This might seem weird, but I am truly thankful for my tattoo....why? Because of what it represents and why I got it.  I use to be the person who was like I could NEVER get a tattoo, why? Because they are permanent, forever!!! Throughout my college and young adult years I was the one who got multiple piercings (oh how I miss them), but with piercings I can take them out whenever I got the nose, tongue, and eyebrow piercings are all gone :-( But a tattoo....I have to have that for LIFE???? That was always my thought process.

So once I decided to get a tattoo it took me years to decide! I wanted something that was meaningful to me and something that I could hide at work (which I really don't do anymore) yet show off when I am chill mode. So what did I get? A music heart, a heart made out of the treble and bass clefs and I LOVE IT!!! It is placed on the back of my neck so that I can cover it with me hair but when out for play and the curls are up it can be seen. 

But why this? Because I love music!!! Music gives me a place of escape and it has inspired me most of my life. I put the tattoo on my neck because when I am really stressed or irritated I rub the back of my neck and the tattoo is a reminder of what calms me and something I love. 

I am thankful for my tattoo because I had the guts to get it (but still don't have the guts to show my mother) and it is a daily reminder that things that I use to think I would never do.....I can do. It is a daily reminder that music is one place when everything else around me is in chaos....I can always escape to my lyrics, my melodies, my beats. 

So if you follow me you have seen the tattoo, but if this is your first time coming across my blog, her is my tattoo that I love!!

My Tattoo!!!!!

40 Days of Thankfulness

Inspired by my best friend and a way of working on two things that I need to get better at.....blogging consistently and being thankful. I have decided to write a blog each of the next day for something I am thankful for.

I know a lot of people who give up things for lent, but this way I am adding something during this time. Something to remind me of everything that I have to be thankful for. The posts will be in no particular order, but just various things that I am truly thankful for. Some things will be serious, some light hearted, some might down right stupid.....but they will ALL be things I am thankful for.

I am excited about this task, and I do hope I follow through. I hope if you take time to read you might decide to do the same thing or just stop to think about what you are thankful for. So many times we focus on what we don't have or the tragedies in life, but we neglect to think about all that we do have and the happy moments in life. 

Also, I know the followers of this blog probably are like she really does not blog like she use to, I have noticed, and have said time and time again I was going to do better....each time I fail. I have let other people, work, and just the little things get in the way of something that I enjoy, something that helps me get out things that I can't always get out to was funny is recently I was having a meltdown moment with one of my guy friends and he suggested that I blog.....I was like I already do that (Not many of my person friends know about my blog and if they do they rarely read it). So to process a lot that is going in my mind and my hear right now blogging will be a great place to get those things out.....

Enjoy the ride!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To tell or not to tell?????

Ever have something you wanted to tell so bad.....but you couldn't???

That is how I kind of feel right now.  Do I put it in a letter, do I put it in a blog, or do I just tell it face to face??? Or do I keep it to myself. I sometimes feel if I could just tell one more person I could get it off my chest, not worry about it anymore, but....things will never be the same if I did.

Music Themes

I am here!!! Work is not consuming my life as much which is good. But I wanted to write a blog themes. About a month ago I decided to have music themed days at my desk.  On facebook I usually do statuses about my musical choices and things I enjoy and what I do not like.... So I would like to share you my themes....

Ratchet Music
Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, Crime Mob, Three Six.....are just a few examples that I listen to on that day. Ratchet music is my guilty pleasure and gives me laugh at times.

New Music
This week new music selection was B. Slade's Stunt Bitch......I liked it!! But this day I usually listen to what new that has come out or select something that I have never listened before and give it a try.

Gospel Music
Today I have done the best of Fred Hammond, but I usually listen to a variety of gospel music from rock, contemporary, rap, old school, etc. It is a mid-week motivator for me.

Neo Soul
I listen to a variety of my favs. Dwele, MeShell Ndegeocello, Eric Roberson, India Arie, etc....I chill out and listen to music soul.

Ipod/Rhapsody Shuffle
ANYTHING GOES!!! I listen to randomness!! Classical, reggae, rap, rock, R & B, whatever pops up!!
So here are my musical themed days. What types of music do you like to listen to?