Friday, January 30, 2009

Reproductive Rights Gone to Far???

I know most people have heard about the women who just delivered 8 babies....WOW!!! I have never given birth to one child (One day!!), but I can imagine the pain and toll that it took on her. To have 8 tiny human beings inside of you...I love the urban dictionary's definition of a pregnant woman... "parasitically challenged." But now I am a little upset when I find out more about the story. This is a single mother with 6 children already so now she has 14 kids!!!! I am not to say how many kids a woman should have, but this woman's story has made me think about a lot of questions. They are as follows....

    1. She lives with her mother and father why does she not have a place of her own?

    2. Where is the father of the first 6 kids?

    3. Who and where is the father of the 8 kids she just had?

    4. If she had a sperm donor for these kids? If there is a father for the kids is he apart of their lives? Why does she feel that kids do not need a father in their lives?

    5. If she was able to have 6 kids before why does she need infertility treatment?

    6. The woman's father is going back to Iraq to help support the family and they not have enough money? How is she going to be able to work with 8 babies and 6 kids??? From what I can see this woman is "fairly young," Babies and kids are expensive....and she has 14!!!!

    7. Who is going to fit the bill for these kids?

    8. When does a woman's wanting to have a child infringe on the health of a child...what I mean is all of these children were born prematurely due to the number of pregnancies they all are below normal birth weight, need help breathing, and are at high risk for health problems. Should a woman go to these extremes to bring a child into the world so she can have somebody to love???

    9. I am not an advocate of abortion, but I am pro-choice...when the doctor told her about the risk to the babies' health and asked did she want to reduce the number of fetuses did she really think that not having all the children might be better for the ones to survive?

    Ok....I think those are all the questions I have in my head. I honestly I am still thinking through how I feel about this whole situation. Right now the woman is asking for her privacy, but the things that have come out so far, I am really not feeling this whole situtation.

    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    So Much to Say...

    I have a lot on my mind....I really want to write, but just have to get my thoughts together. Have a lot going on from serious, to sad, to funny, to down right mean, to joyous, to exciting, to just blah.... a post will come soon because I have some things to get off my chest. I will leave you with a comic:

    and a thought....Please be thankful for the small things in life. We take so much for granted. Life is a gift...cherish it.

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    The Cleaning and Maid Staff at the White House...

    This is something I have been thinking about more and more as inauguration day draws near. What is going through the minds of the cleaning staff at The White House. I do not know for a fact, but I have heard from several people that the majority of the cleaning and maid staff is African American. Beginning on Tuesday they will be working for the first African American President and his family.

    I know the work at the White House they had to go through thorough background checks and have to be on the time of their game so they are just not anybody. They have been cleaning up and serving White families all the time they have been working there....but on Tuesday. Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia will be the family they are working for.

    Based on the interviews I have see of the new first family I would think they would be a delightful family to work for. Michelle seems so humble and just to see their interaction with the staff...even to see Michelle's mother interact with the staff. I mean the little things you are use to doing you don't have to do anymore. There are people there to wait on you and assist you in anyway possible. I would take me a little to to get adjusted. If I spill something on the floor, I will fill obligated to get it up...not the cleaning crew. I love to cook and like to do it for fun, but to have a chef there to prepare all of your meals, what if I just wanted to whip up a small meal for my kids. The little things....

    Wrote all this to say I would love to be a fly on the wall when the White House staff is their to greet the new first family, what are they thinking??

    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    I am a Dork...So What?

    This morning I work up mad early like I usually do and did some reading and organizing. I began to think to myself that I am dork and I love it. A while ago I wrote about just doing you and that is something I am trying to do daily. I am trying to be who I am rather people like it or not. Some people think it is so easy, but it is not. I mean so many people will never admit it will change who they are to please other people, it may be subtle, but they do it.

    I write to get emotions and ideas out, it helps me process things. I don't know if people understand what I write or even care about what I write. My life is not always an open book and I like to keep it that way. Not everyone needs to know everything about you. One thing I am trying to do is accept who I am flaws and all (Great Beyonce' Song!). Life is short and you have to enjoy it. I love me and God loves me and that all that matters. I am not perfect, no one is, but I am great person if you take the time to know me.

    So I have decided to list some qualities about me that I love and make me who I am. Some people might not like...oh well it is me :).

    Oh...Picture above is an old picture of me at a friend's wedding rehearsal of my crazy moments.

    On to the list of things that make me who I am
    1. I am tall, take it or leave it...I use to want to be 6 feet tall...I stopped at 5'11.5" oh well...when I have on heels it is on.
    2. I am not the smallest person in the world. Oh well. I have gained weight and not happy about it, but I am in shape and will not have a heart attack walking up stairs, when I loose the weight it will be because I have worked hard (which I am doing...slowly) not because people keep commenting on my weight.
    3. I can be needy...I give all to people, and sometimes I expect it back. Sometimes this irritates people, but I honestly care about people and their well being and wish more people did the same.
    4. Back to the title...I am a dork and I do stupid things from time to time. Too many thing to put in one bullet point, you will see evidence as you read.
    5. I love to cook and can throw down....a lot of women can not do this today, which is sad. Take out is not economical and healthy, plus homemade food taste so much better
    6. I am a facebook addict. My page has merged with personal and work and now I don't put as much on it...I tried to go a week without logging on it lasted two days.
    7. I love to read and will read almost anything. Although I am a very conservative person I will read almost anything. I have books ranging from Zane, to Zora Neale Hurston, to Michael Eric Dyson, to Harry Potter, to T.D. Jakes...and so on. I have books on sex, history, erotica, love, friendships, sports, history...I can go on.
    8. The Last Dragon is one on my favorite movies of all time!!! I have it on VHS and DVD...anytime it is on TV I have to watch!
    9. Something I rarely tell people and must people assume the contrary is that I have never been on a date or in a relationship....long story partly due to my own issues and partly due to my standards(my friends say I am too picky, I say I know what I bring to the me or beat me) I can explain more in depth...but it would take forever, ask if you want to know.
    10. I love to dance, but never in public. When I am alone or in my car with no one around it is on.
    11. first love can be an addiction for me. I love everything from gospel to gangsta rap....even some country. I am from Memphis and it comes out from time to time which my friends love to remind me
    12. I am a lazy perfectionist. I love things to be right, but sometimes I hate to work hard sometimes unless I am passionate about it.
    13. I love going to the movies by myself.
    14. I am rhythmically challenged. I can keep a beat, but my dancing and soul is on the slim sad.
    15. I do not talk to strangers...people look at me crazy when I say this, but oh well. People are special to me and just don't talk to anyone.
    16. I love cartoons...old school ones. I use to love Pepper Ann on Saturday mornings...not completely old school, but it was the last of a dying breed of cartoons.
    17. Friends think that I feel I always have to be, but 9 times out of 10 if I open my mouth to say something or voice my opinion I have done my research and I am more than likely right...try me.
    18. Friends and family are important to me. I think you have to keep good relationships with people.
    19. I question everything most times. I think we have to many people who are feed information without thinking for themselves.
    20. Most people will be shocked by what goes on in my head because they do not take the time to listen to what I have to say...inspiration for the title of my blog.
    21. I love Hannah Montana...sad I know
    22. I have come to the realization of who I love, but they do not know and honestly at this point in our lives they do not feel the same. I am ok with that. If it is meant to be it will happen. I know the person I will end up with will value me for who I am...flaws and all. If the person I love is to blind to see it, that is their loss. They will always hold a special place in the back of my heart.
    Ok....I think that is all that I want to reveal now. It is time to go get my hair done and have a "ME" day. Hair, maybe pedicure, movies and a meal. I love Saturdays!!!

    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    Should you let go????

    This weekend was a pretty chill weekend and I enjoyed it. I had a lot of time to catch up on things after the holidays and time to think. So many people come up with near year's resolutions and think about the mistakes and successes of the past year and look forward to planning the next. I can't say I haven't, but I really did not give a lot of thought to it. I mean every year people make resolutions and the same thing happens over and over again. I do want 2009 to be different, but one of my favorite sayings is that you can't do the same thing and expect different results, you feel me?

    One thing that has been on my mind is letting go. I have an issue with loving hard. This goes for everyone, I know most people assume relationships, but this goes for family and friends too. I struggle with knowing went to let go. When the person does not realize that they are hurting you more than loving you and the relationship is doing more harm than good. I am the type of person that gives everyone chance after chance, none of us are perfect and we all have good qualities, sometimes the bad qualities outshine the good ones.

    It is easy for people to say just sever the relationship, but what if that person is a parent, a sister, a brother, best friend, and so on??? You know these people love you have your best interest at heart, but when their interactions with you cause more pain than joy what do you do? When they don't see how they are hurting you or causing you pain even when you make it obvious? These people love you and care for you, but their actions don't always back that up.

    I ask myself so many times if I should cut these people out of my life, but then I think about what it would be without them in my life and I think I would be in more pain without them in my life. I love them and have their back no matter what, but sometimes they fell to see it.

    I wrote this to say this is something that I am working on not only in 2009, but the rest of my life. Life should be filled with people who uplift you and not tear you down. People who see the greatness in you and encourage it. People will make you mad, hurt you, and sometimes disagree with you, but in the long run what positive affect do they have in your life???