Tuesday, July 9, 2013

33rd Birthday

Okay.....This morning as I was writing my random thoughts and procrastinating on facebook I once again realized my birthday is around the corner!!! I will be.......shhhh!!!! don't tell anybody

Yes 33!!!! Well 3 years ago if you remember I did a 30 While 30 list  that I am still working on (will update before my birthday) well this year I want to do 33 new/different/random things the month before my 33rd birthday! I want to try new things, do things in the city and maybe outside the city that I have never done before.  This should be interesting :-) Nashville is an AMAZING city and there are so many things that I have never done and want to try so I think I am going to venture out.  I have started my research and I would love most things to be FREE or little cost, but I know that is always possible.

So......I am up for suggestions. What are some random things to do? Things that are outside the box! Fun things! Educational Things! Cultural Things! Random Things!!!

Here is the beginning of my list......

  1. Live on the Green Concert Series
  2. Warner Park (a jog, walk, or picnic there)
  3. Tennessee State Museum
  4. Want to go to a distillery somewhere or one of the local beer makers in the city.....need to research
  5. Shakespeare in the park
  6. Wild Horse Saloon (they have free line dancing classes)
  7. Southern Living Idea House
  8. Friend has me interested in going to the gun shoot a gun??? This is going to be interesting
  9. Dancing in the District
  10. Zip lining??     
  11. Talk to strangers while out at dinner (for me this is HUGE.....I don't talk to strangers)
  12. Go on a date
  13. Maybe Frist Fridays
  14. Nashville Sounds Game
Like I said up to suggestions thoughts of fun low cost or free things to do?