Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is Sexuality Fluid???

Sexuality is Fluid....
I don't mean like: you wake up and turn gay (p.s. no one “turns gay”—that phrase kills me)
I was attracted to this Lesbian who was very masculine..Would I act on it? Iono but i remember forgetting she was a she and just concentrating on how sexy she was…
when it comes down to it attraction is not about parts, but rather the essence of the person standing in front of you!

This is a post from How to be Nola Darling (deux) a great tumblr site that I follow.  It got me to thinking coupled with a question about my sexuality from a friend lately.  The fact that I have never dated I have been asked on a few occasions (from a few bold people) was I a lesbian. Question took me off guard, but it also made me think.

I can say no I am not a lesbian, but I can see how sexuality can be fluid. Have I ever been attracted to a woman, yes, but that woman had very masculine traits, and some of my attraction was can I say....complicated, it was more about the person than the gender. I love men and what I desire when I am with a man that I am attracted to, but can't say the same thing about a woman. But I totally agree with his last statement....the essence of the person standing in front of you.

What are your thoughts on the subject? 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life, Love, Me :-)

I promise I am trying to get better. Health is FINALLY under control, work is becoming manageable, and I am getting a social life. Still no date yet, but I am not giving up hope (although sometimes I get discouraged).  Tumblr and twitter have been my short random thought mistress. I still love blogger, but posting has been harder. The free times I have I just like to rest.

One thing that is different in my life is that I am really being tested on what I believe and who I have become. Ever thought you or see yourself becoming the antithesis of what you thought you would be, rather it be good or bad? Well that is where I am in life and I am trying my best to deal with. Not saying rather it is good or bad, but I do realize that everything in life happens for a reason and I am trying to figure out the reason for this phase in my life, so we shall see.

Love....think it is my motivation these days. Love of people, love of life, love of me.  After a few anonymous posts on tumblr (this option has been deactivated.....just ask if you want to know). I think love is an important emotion and action in life, and right now I am learning to love unconditionally. I am also learning that sometimes you can love someone, but it is better for you not to be in each others lives (don't assume romantic....friendships and family can be toxic too). So we shall see how this I respond.....and what I learn.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. This is homecoming weekend for me!! It has been 9 years since graduating!! One of my good friends is coming in town and several events homecoming related and not that I plan on attending so we shall see.....

Till I blog again... Have a Great life!!! (was going to say week, but I am trying to blog again before week is over)