Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

Okay it is my birthday...YAY!!!! I think???? I keep telling people this is the last time I will turn 25 (it is hard to keep up with both numbers). In all honesty I am 29 today, WOO HOO!!! The last year of my twenties and surprisingly I am okay with that. It has been a great year and I am blessed in so many ways. Although I will no longer be 25 I will always be 25 at heart. I have my life ahead of me. So many things to do, so many people's lives to affect. Life is good, not perfect, but good. I have to continue to focus on the positive and take each day one day at a time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Relationship over Religion

I follow PJ on twitter and he says so much in this clip. This was in response to his segment on CNN. I will be purchasing the book soon. He creates excellent music and to me really brought home the point of relationship over religion.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love or Lust Songs???

A lot of my blogs come from random status updates or conversations that I have on facebook. A while ago I made the statement that people don't make love songs anymore, they just just make lust songs. This statement was brought back to my attention when I was looking at someone's twitter updates and they said that one of their favorite love songs was Seduction by Usher. I was like really? I love that song, but I truly do not see it as a love song, but I lust song. Why do I say this??? I think the song shows nothing but sensuality. People look at me crazy when I say this (don't judge me) and if you want an explanation then ask...Just because I might want to have sex with you does not mean that I love you...will not go into details, like I said ask.

I said all this to say. Do people right love songs anymore??? Yes, but most songs out there are lust songs in my opinion. For instance some of my favorite songs right now come from artist like Musiq, Anthony Hamilton, and Ledisi. I hear love songs from them that truly talk about love in relationships...not just wanting to sleep with some one. One of my favorite songs that I consider a love song is The Wedding Song by John P. Kee, it has the best line ever to me...

You've must have been heaven sent because no one can compliment my calling like you do.

This might not be the exact words, but it is the the gist of what I love. I think this statement says a lot in a few words. I think for this to be accomplished true love has to take place. Just my thoughts.

I wish that true love songs were produced more. Now nothing is left up to the imagination. Songs just talk about how you look or how much a person wants to sleep with you and that is called love song...Prime example is Birthday Sex, now I will admit that I get caught up in the song, but really. Birthday Sex? How is that different then other sex? This is not a love song, but a lust song...but people confuse that with love...Which to me leads to a bigger problem of do people really know what love is or are they just in lust....that topic is for another blog.

I have vented for today. Just something that was irritating me today. I am working on a class I have to teach tomorrow evening....Have thoughts, but have to bring them together. I might want to get started.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What if we saw your life on the big screen???

A little while ago I wrote a blog on casting your first stone. Recently I was in a conversation with a friend and like always I over analyze so many things. Well....I got to thinking about what if people could see all of our issues on a big screen???

People always judge people or make comments about other people's lifestyles, choices, and issues, but they don't realize what if we call could see what you are struggling with??? We all have issues and we all dealing with something, but our issue might not be as visible as other's.

Have you ever wondered what would people think if they knew all about your past, or all about the things you struggle with on a daily basis? I know I have as many issues as the next and I would say I don't try to hide my issues, but the person who would encounter me on a daily basis might not ever know what I deal with daily.

I will give you an example...A lady who sleeps around with anybody and everybody, she might be quick to be labeled a hoe, but has anybody taken the time to get to the root of her issue, which might be needing and searching for love in all the wrong places? People are quick to snap or judge her (I am guilty too) without considering what has gotten her to the point where she is now. People would like her to stop sleeping around, but once you convince her to do that she still had the same issue and she just manifests it in a different way...

I think about daily how I choose to grow and change and how if people knew my inner most issues would they look at me the same....probably not. This makes me more cognisant of how I view and approach other people. You never know what they have been through or what they are going through.

If my life was on a big screen...Everything I have been through, everything I have thought, every good AND bad thing that I have done, I just can only imagine what people would say. I am learning daily to not judge, love in spite of, and be patient. I can't change anyone only God can. All I can do is be thankful for His grace and mercy that have kept me thus far!!!

Nonsense will NOT be tolerated!!!

This was my first twitter post of the day. I think this will be added to some of my mottoes in life. I think too much nonsense goes on everyday and it is just accepted. This just ain't right!! I am not saying go and call everybody out, but take a stand for what you believe in. People might not always agree, but you can voice your a respectful way. Life is short and I am tired of questioning things and not saying anything. Sister Act II said it best. I have a voice in this world and I deserve to be heard...I know that came from something else, but I just remember the movie at this time.

I am determined to have a good day and not let nonsense get to me. What scares me is the a lot of people don't recognize nonsense when they see it. A lot of nonsense has become so common that it has become the norm. I find myself becoming irritated that people are blinded to common sense.

I just needed to vent. I have a headache this morning, but promised myself that I will have a great day!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For my Facebok Users

My cousin posted this on facebook the other day and a friend finally found the youtube version of it. This had me rollin! For all my facebook users out there it will crack you up. Facebook is not that serious....and if this stuff can happen over some postings on facebook....SMH.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes!!!

This morning I work up and was catching up on has been a long week. One of my friends posted this link that really blessed me.

I hope you took the time to watch the whole video. For me it was confirmation on several things that I had been stating. My last blog was entitled Self Discipline. This was also accompanied by a thought I felt "just because you scream your point, it does not make it right." A lot of arguments and things you see on television I do not agree with. Just because you have a degree and have a loud voice and you can articulate your point (sometimes loudly) does not make you right...

I digress, sorry. It is early in the morning. I posted the video for two main reasons.

First...this boy is only 10 years old and he has researched and articulated a very good argument that a lot of grown people choose to ignore. I read a book a while ago by Randall Kennedy entitled Nigger. It talks about the history of the word, the meaning of the word, and use of the word. It does not give an argument for or against the use of it, but after I read the book it reinforced why I choose not to use this word and the video above reaffirmed my decision yet again. One of my friends said it best, is your vocabulary that limited that you have to use the word? As for the argument of we have redefined the word...why? A house will always be a house, a dog will always be a dog, a chair will be a chair...That is all I am saying.

Secondly...Out of the mouths of babes. This child is 10 years old and has said a lot. He worked hard to prepare his speech, write his speech, and deliver his speech. We have to encourage our children and not limit him. Time out for excuses. Our kids can be anything they want to be, but we have to encourage them to work hard and dream big. They might have to work harder, so what? Life is not fair, oh well, but maybe by them working harder the next child that comes along might have opportunities opened for them. Sometimes people look at me crazy when I speak greatness into a child's life. When my friends have babies I start saying "Can you say Vanderbilt, Harvard, Spelman, Morehouse?" I am so have to plant the seed. I expect greatness out of our kids because they are great...This video shows what a child can do. thoughts so far for the day. I have not been blogging as much, just got back from vacation and working with a youth conference at church....I am back now!!! Hope everyone has a great start to the week :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Self Discipline

I was watching at television show this evening and got VERY irritated....which inspired this blog entry.

Self discipline, why is it so hard? Why as a society do we not practice self discipline in a lot of areas in our lives. I think society teaches people to be free and do whatever they desire, self expression, but is this what is good? I mean if everyone went around doing whatever they wanted it would be utter chaos!!! Which is so not cool. I am not saying that everyone should be censored, but people need to realize that self discipline is a trait that needs to be practiced more. I am not saying it is easy, nothing in life is easy.

I updated my status on facebook and said just because a person screams their point it does not make it right. I think people argue for things and they get loud, but they make no sense. A lot of things could be prevented with self discipline. It is not that people won't make mistakes, or people won't slip up, but people should not continue to justify or say their issues are okay.

One of my weakness has to do with my weaknesses...My weight. I am overweight and working on it. But my lack of self discipline in what I eat and how much I exercise leads to my problem. I am working on it...but my lack of self discipline can and has led me to issues in my health, not extreme, but a problem.

I really wrote this to vent and get things off my chest...