Thursday, July 12, 2012

Although I am 31......

Those who have been following my blog for a while might remember I attempted to do a 30 things while 30 list well....was not completely successful, but made some strides. Since I am approaching my 32nd birthday in 6 weeks I decided to update my list :-)

  1. Got my tattoo! See Pic!!! Thinking about #2
  2. Got my passport AND going to Bahamas this year!!!!
  3. Still no date.....honestly giving up hope, but trying hard not to (can't keep getting disappointed)
  4. Done 30 random acts of kindness to strangers......still trying to find ways to do this :-)
  5. Reading is been slow....up to about 20. But.....several books have been downloaded on the tablet
  6. Still no real spontaneous road trip, one day!
  7. No white water rafting yet
  8. Have not applied to grad school yet.....long story
  9. Written letters, sent email to all the people I needed to. 
  10. Run a 5K, have a couple lined up for September and October
  11. Walk Music City Half Marathon.....this has been modified for the Women's in September
  12. Save X amount of money......on my way, doing better
  13. Donate hair...completed a while back, hair is long enough but won't do it again
  14. Lose at least 30 pounds....lost gained lost.....losing again!
  15. Purchase a Home......up in air, need to decide where I am going to plant my feet
  16. Become a research coordinator....Became a Clinical Trials Associate and I love it....still moving upward and excited!
  17. Travel West of the Mississippi....Going to Cali next month!!!!
  18. Purchase big ticket item for my mother....not yet
  19. Clean out my wardrobe, DONE!
  20. Visit graves of my father and sister.....still can't do it yet
  21. Ask some tough questions of a family member....still a punk
  22. Learn how to knit....stepped crocheting game up, but still don't know how to knit
  23. Write the vision plan for next big project of my life....done and it is evolving
  24. Go to a concert in a big venue......still don't like crowds of people don't think I can dot his
  25. Have my first kiss.....complicated, so I will still answer no
  26. Create a signature dish.....have a few more under my belt but not "that one"
  27. Complete a financial plan...done!
  28. Purchase a piece of artwork....not yet
  29. Learn to speak my mind to others....getting better
  30. Have Fun!!!! Of Course!

Frank Ocean's Channel Orange

This CD right here........

Okay, I have been a fan of Frank Ocean for a little while, but after his recent actions and listening to his newest cd, LOVE HIM!!!
Some of his lyrics....if not all of his lyrics are amazing to me! If you have not PURCHASED this cd I really suggest it.  A cd has not hit my soul since Ledisi's Lost & Found came out.

There are several lyrics that touch me like no one will ever no.....especially Bad Religion. 

Check it out and I promise you will not be dissapointed! is killin me!! But only a few more days till a break and hopefully in a week I will have a very interesting post ;-)

Have a fantabulous day!!!