Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drop Your Stone

This week my pastor eulogized the great football player Steve McNair. His death was a shock and a big news story. Everyone has their opinions and assumptions about what happened. People have speculated this, and speculated that, but the only people who know is Steve, the girl, and God. But that is not what I am here to talk about...

One of the main points my pastor tried to get across is that we all fall short. We all have issues, struggles, sins, and downfalls we deal with on a daily basis. We are in no position to judge anyone for their actions. We have to learn from the mistakes of others and move on.

John 8:7

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

My pastor stated that we need to learn from the sum total of Steve's life...the good and the bad. I think this is a great message. We all have issues and have all made mistakes, but we have to take the good and the bad and learn from them. People are not perfect and we cannot expect them to be. We can't judge others for their shortcomings because you wouldn't want people to do that to you.
Wrote all this to say. When you see some one fall short, when you see some one who has sinned, remember to drop your stone.

Remember Assumptions???

OK...I fell off on my assumptions series. Lot has been going on and I have not been writing as much as I should. Been needing to get a lot out...have not. This entry is heading back to my assumptions that people assume about me.

Picture above is some of my best girls at our friends wedding. Can you guess who the bride was??? (Made myself laugh, HA!) We were hostesses in the wedding and worked hard to make sure that our girl had a day she would never forget. I think she enjoyed her day and had no clue of all the behind the scenes things we had to do. That is what friends are for, right?

I love my girls, the good and the bad. We have been friends for a while through the ups and downs. We don't always get along, we all have different personalities, but in the end we have each others back.

I know I can ramble, but this leads me to my assumption. During the wedding activities and everything most people never knew the internal struggle I have. Being supportive while hurting in the inside. The theme of this blog has always been "If You Only Knew" and in some ways that goes to my friends to. Sometimes I think do they ever think about what is going on in my mind? I mean I truly believe people assume so much and never take the time to ask. Sometimes I want to ask them do they ever think how I might feel when things are said or done? I don't know...I guess with a lot of my actions and in my life I try to think about how others see or feel about a situation. I am learning most people don't think like that.

Her wedding and the events that surrounded the wedding were very hard for me personally. For reasons related to relationships, friendships, work, and a lot of other things that were going on in my world at the time. Her wedding is over, her marriage has begun and I will continue to pray for her marriages and all marriages. The wedding is day, marriage is a lifetime...with that said the internal struggle still continues....

Tried to talk about it with a friend and chickened out, but in the process got confirmation on what I should have done a long time ago. It is time for me to speak up and get some things off of my chest....slowly a change is going to come!!! assumption entry I think is going to be about my weight!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Best Street Sweeper

I just got through watching the Michael Jackson Memorial on line and it really made me think about a lot. One thing that stood out to me was what Martin Luther King, III said. He said be the best street sweeper you can be. Whatever you do in life be the best at Michael was.

Whatever issues you have with Michael you cannot deny he had talent and he perfected what he did. He was an entertainer and he was the King of Pop. He practiced, worked hard, and studied to be the best he could be.

My question is do we do that as human beings? Do we strive to be the best at whatever we do? Just because you sweep a street, or empty garbage, or might be a cashier does not mean that your work is not valuable. Every person has a role to play and we all function better when everyone does their job to the best of their ability.
Just something to think about....

Oh, one last thought. To us he was the King of Pop, but to his kids he was their father, their daddy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

He Loves Me....He Loves Me Not???

Why can't I get him out my head? I mean I love him, but what type of love that is I am really not sure about. I mean I know he loves me, but does he love me in that way? If he were able to tell me he loves me, would I be able to tell him I love him in that way too? I sometimes feel that I am delusional.

I see him as a friend, a brother, someone I can depend on. But when so many people assume that we will end up together it makes you think. I think sometimes I succumb to people ideas in my head and I begin to wonder. Are my thoughts that we can be more than friends because people assume that our friendship is more than what it is? I have become a person who never says never, and I am learning to expect anything. He is my boy, my friend, my brother, he knows almost as much as my best friend knows about me, but why?

I ask myself why are we friends frequently. I ask why do we continue to remain friends even though we live in different circles. But when we kick it as friends it is all good. Is it my imagination? Am I holding on to a friendship that needs to be let go? He loves me and will do anything for me, but is this out of history or love? Does he feel obligated to be there for me, because I count on him when times are hard? I wonder if he was a female would our friendship be the way it is?

I really just needed to vent these thoughts in my head. I honestly do not know the answer to any of the questions that I pose. I just wanted to get them out of my head, because I can not express them to others right now. I almost deleted post, because I thought someone I know might read it, but honestly...I doubt it, and if they do, oh well.