Friday, May 28, 2010


Why do people sugarcoat things?? Alicia Keys had an affair with a married man and got pregnant by him before the divorce was final.

This is the status on facebook that I put this morning. This sparked an interesting conversation about the situation (too long to cut and paste on here). Some people understood what I was trying to say others took offense, or disagreed to some extent of what I was saying. 

I did not post to judge the situation, but merely stating a fact. I think people should call a spade a spade. It is what it is. Rather you think something is wrong or right with the situation it is what happened. My thinking or logic is....if you did not feel that the situation was wrong, you would not get upset about the statement that was made.

That is all. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Remember the reason for the holiday...and it is not to eat bbq!

Side note...First "cookout" holiday with me not eating meat....lets see what I will have, and will not be eating grilled tofu (vegan blog suggested today).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

30 things for my year of turning 30!!!

Ok!!! I finally have started to come up with my list of 30 things that I have never done during my 30th year on earth.  I talked about it in an earlier blog and have been thinking and coming up with ideas. I had friends on facebook, twitter, and blogger give me suggestions and I appreciate them all.  I have taken some and tweeked others.  I have decided to post the list as a way of accountability. I don't turn 30 until the end of August and will start accomplishing the list then, but needed to write (or blog) them down before the date comes. I will keep people posted as some things are completed during the year. Please feel free to give suggestions on how to accomplish things or until my birthday....the list can change (but not by much)so I am open for new creative ideas! I will also creat a scrapbook chronicling the 30 things I will do. Things are listed in no particular order.  I am so excited!!!!

  1. Get a tattoo (I will not punk out!)
  2. Get my passport (overseas trip is not in the budget YET....but working on it, at least I can get prepared)
  3. Go on a date
  4. Complete 30 random acts of kindness to strangers
  5. Read 30 books that aren't the typical books that I enjoy
  6. Take a spontaneous road trip somewhere by myself, just wake up and go (I have to plan out everything....this is going to be hard)
  7. Go white water rafting
  8. Apply to Masters of  Public Health Program (2 are on the radar)
  9. Write letters to 30 people who have had an influence in my life and tell them why
  10. Run (not walk) a 5K
  11. Walk the Music City Half Marathon (still praying on this one....Jesus give me strength!!!)
  12. Save X amount of money (figure will not be disclosed to everyone, but will tell if it is met or not)
  13. Donate hair to Locks for Love (length is almost there!)
  14. Lose at least 30 pounds (aiming for more....but sticking with the theme of 30)
  15. Purchase a Home (or be in the process...working on that now)
  16. Become a Research Coordinator (next step in my career...making moves!)
  17. Travel west of the Mississippi River (been to Arkansas and Missouri, but that is about it...but have been to all the states east of the Mississippi)
  18. Purchase a big ticket item for my mother (have to see what she wants....I am thinking a REAL nice pair of earrings...this will be a surprise)
  19. Clean out my wardrobe (closet full of clothes and shoes...don't wear half of them, shame!!!)
  20. Visit the graves of my father and sister (have not done since the funerals)
  21. Ask some tough questions of a family member (nothing bad....just unanswered questions)
  22. Learn how to knit, love to crochet, everytime I try knitting I get frustrated :-(
  23. Write the vision plan for the next big project in my life (can't tell you what it is...yet)
  24. Go to a concert in a big venue (don't do crowds of people well, which is limiting me from seeing Maxwell in July...not cool)
  25. Have my first kiss (yes I said it....don't trip)
  26. Create a signature vegan dish for me (I love to cook...want to create something that people who are skeptical about vegan and vegetarian dishes will enjoy)
  27. Complete a financial plan that will pay of my student loans before I die (I am so serious)
  28. Purchase a piece of artwork that will be handed down to my next generation
  29. Learn to speak my mind with no fear of others (some people might think I already do this....if you only knew!!)
  30. Most important thing to do in my year of 30..... HAVE FUN!!!!
This is my list and I plan on accomplishing everything.  Will keep people posted as things are completed :-)  If my list inspires you to create your own or do things that you have never done, GREAT!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Sister....

Yesterday while browsing on facebook my cousin put up pictures from her graduation. I was not able to attend, but it was great seeing pictures of the family. One picture got to me was a picture of her and her 2 sisters.  I was a cute picture and don't know why it just made me cry...why?

Well...The picture to the left is a picture of me and my sister. We were very young and as you can see my parents dressed us alike. I am pretty sure that my grandmother made those dresses for us and we probablly have a doll to match that she made also. Ya'll see the shoes? We were fly back then weren't we??? sister had cerebral palsy and was in a wheel chair her entire life. She passed away while I was home for Christmas Break while I was a junior in college. The doctors said she would not live passed the age of 6 months old....She lived to be 23 years old. Although we did not have a typical sister relationship I loved her and she loved me. 

When I saw the pictures of my cousins it made me miss my sister and realize that we were not able to experience the same things that most sisters did, but we had a special connection.  I sometimes look over my childhood and realize that I did not have a storybook childhood and sometimes in the past even wished that it was more "normal," but I realize now that my experiences and relationships as a child have made me who I am today and I am thankful for that.

I miss me sister at times and sometimes wonder what she felt growing up. She could not communicate like others, but she was always able to brighten up a room. I wonder what use to go on in her mind as we grew up. I have pictures of me and her as we grew older, but I thought this picture was too cute. 

A while ago I had a facebook status stating that we can't focus on the "what ifs" in life... that is one thing that I have to remember when I begin to think about my sister. My sister might not have been "normal"  but she was normal for my family and she was the best sister that I could ever want.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I hate being sick!!

I really want to write something this morning....but I feel horrible!!! How can I get a cold in the middle of the summer??? I truly hate Nashville weather. I hope everyone has a great day! I will have a great day inpite of being sick.  Maybe once the medicine kicks in I will feel a whole lot better....I need to feel a whole lot better.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gospel vs. Secular Music

Today has been a busy day at work, but needed a break so I decided to write a short blog.  Today at Bible Study we are having a guest pastor come for the beginning of a Revival. Posted below is a clip from the last time he came...not his sermon, but a fun way he started off....

Some people have criticized his turning secular music into love songs to God. So I pose the question of do you think there is anything wrong with what he did? What makes a song secular vs. gospel?  Do you believe that people should not listen to secular music? 

No right or wrong answer, just your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed the clip above...I did ;-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

God Hates Fags

I am assuming title made you read my post....Guess who will be at my church protesting our services on Sunday.....

Westboro Baptist Church!!! I was totally shocked when my pastor announced this at church on Sunday. I have heard about what they do, but never would have thought that my church would be on the radar. I then looked at their website and realized we were one of 3 stops they will make while in Nashville...but we are the only majority African American Congregation. Here is the reason listed on their website of why they are targeting our church:
Mount Zion Baptist Church 7594 Old Hickory Blvd WBC will picket the whorehouse masquerading as a church named Mount Zion Baptist Church. The mega-churches of this nation preach smooth lies for filthy lucre's sake. They know that in order to get the most behinds in the pews and the most money in the collection plate, they have to censor the Lord Jesus Christ's preaching about Hell. The truth is, the Lord Jesus Christ spent more time preaching about those bound for eternal damnation than salvation! Matthew 13:49-50 "So shall it be at the end of the world, the angels shall come forth and sever the wicked form among the just. And shall cast them into the furnace of fire; there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."
When I read this....I was like really??? This is how they choose to describe my church?

I have begun to do my research on them now and begun to read about what they stand for and what they do at these protests. First thing that stood out that the church's website was pure hate. I do know I don't agree with their methods and that they stand for, and I really do not like the fact they do it in the name of wonder people have a jacked up view of Christianity when they see people like this.

Although I am working that day and will more than likely not have any interaction with them or even see them protest I truly pray for them. My pastor asked those with a "Peter" spirit to try not to cut off anybody's ear that day and I pray people listened. I say kill the protesters with kindness and love :-) I say give them doughnuts and water as they protest, I know they will get tired of walking and yelling in the hot sun.

Sunday will be interesting and I wonder what will come of it and how the news media will portray what happens that day. All I do know is that the God that I serve is a loving God and I choose to show love instead of hate.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One Word Answers

I could not sleep and read this in an old blog that I read...Hopefully when I am done I am tired enough to sleep.

Hair – beautiful
Your Mother – love
Your Father – missed
 Fav Food – greens
Dream Last Night – none
Fav Drink – water
What room are you in? – bedroom
 Hobby – scrapbooking
Fear – negative
Where were you last night? – church
Something that you aren’t –outgoing
Muffins – blueberry
Wish List Item – peace
Where you grew up – memphis
What you are wearing – tee-shirt
Your Pet – none
Friends – few
Something you’re not wearing – pajamas
 Fav Store – Target
Fav Color – pink
Last time you laughed –yesterday
Your Best Friend – Eloise
Best Place you go over and over – Atlanta
 Person who you email regularly –boss
Fav Place to Eat – Panera

I tag…
Anyone who reads this...I hate tagging people!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Belong Together

esterday on facebook one of my friends posted You and I by Stevie Wonder and stated that she always thinks of Michael singing the show on Good Times....what was funny I had to find the clip and post on her page. That got me to search for one of my favorite clips from the Cosby Show. It was the episode where Claire and her father are singing We Belong Together. I LOVE this song!!!!

Problem is....that it is so hard to find on the web.  But I do believe you can google about anything and find a clip, article, or information on any topic you want.  I found the youtube and posted it below...they start singing the song around 3:30 in the clip. So now I have the urge to buy the song and add to my Ipod....there is the next problem.  Can't buy on Itunes or Amazon. When you search the song Mariah Carey's song always comes up and a few other more popular artist who have a song with the same title....but it is NOT the song I want :-( So I decided to the lyrics of the song into google. Then found out the song was by Shelton Becton....he has a website and everything! I think this was his most famous song based on the website....

Now I still can't purchase the song :-( but now I can listen online anytime I get the urge....I can even buy the sheet music if I have the desire to one day!

Watch the clip. Enjoy! They don't make television shows like this anymore. The singing starts around 3:30....LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dave Ramsey The Money Answer Book

This book was a great read and very short and to the point. I attended Financial Peace University several years ago and it helped me remember several things that I learned in a quick format.  Even if you have not taken any of Dave Ramsey's classes the book gives you great advice on money management and how to get out of debt. I don't agree or follow everything that he teaches, but the book and his methods give you a new outlook on how you view and manage money.

The books gives you various tips on avoiding bankruptcy, saving, and getting out of debt. Book gives advice about managing your money, setting a budget, and planning financially for your future. Some things are hard to do, but if you are able to do them you can be better of in the long run with your finances.

I am the type of person that has struggled saving money and this book and his classes have helped me to better manage and save my money.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Year of 30

This morning as I was doing my daily reading and planning of my summer trips and activities I began to think....I will be 30 in a few months. YAY!!! I don't have the mindset of most people that I am about to turn 30 so I have to get all these things accomplished before that big day. I am looking at it as I am turning 30 and will take the year to celebrate. There are several things that I want to do for my "year of 30" and as I was writing this blog I thought of a great idea!!! I will do 30 things I have never done in the year of me turning 30!!! What those things will be....some I know and some I will think about.  I am also up for suggestions (HINT!!!)

There is one thing that I know I want to do, but it is totally (well not totally, but pretty much) out of my control. If I told people what it was it would defeat the whole purpose. We shall see if it happens...will keep you posted.

But what are your thoughts on things that I should do in my year of 30....within reason. I am open for all kinds of suggestions.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When should you open up?

This morning I had a lot on my mind....I recently met up with an old friend that I had not seen in years. We had reconnected on facebook, but finally met up face to face which was totally unexpected. What was funny I never thought we would connect up again, but we did. 

As we talked and thought about what has been going on in each others lives he made a statement that really got me to thinking. I have heard the statement several times before, but when he said it I really got to thinking.  What he said was that I need to start opening up more....what was funny, it did not click in my head until after I had left and began to process the conversation. 

I realized it takes a lot for me to open up...but what gets me is everytime I open up someone lets me down, rather it be a family member or friend. So I think I have gotten to the point of not opening up at all for the most part. I mean why should I trust you with the big things in my life when you totally ignore or take for granted the little things in my life?

I have a friend who I love dearly who does not get this about me. The person is there for me when I need it and I know if I am ever in a tight spot they got my back...but the little things in my life and in our friendship are taken for granted by this person.

Just another venting blog....I guess I wrote just to get some thoughts out and pose the question in the title. When should a person open up? I know you should not tell everyone everything, but there has to be a balance....