Monday, August 5, 2013


I usually say no texting or tweeting while drinking.....but might need to add blogging to that list cause I am about to vent!

The narrow minds of some people irritate me!!! If people would listen to what they are saying and truly think about it. I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, but when your opinion is full of hate and contradiction???? It gets to me!

Me a reforming judgmental person I see how my words and actions of past and sometimes present can be hurtful and I am trying to stop, but when people are blatant and stupid with no desire to change or look at situation from a different perspective......just don't get it!!

A person of faith that is growing, learning, and questioning daily I just don't understand how you can say you are about love and hold do much hatred and ill in your heart.  In one of my recent random thoughts I said you don't have to force your beliefs on me and I shouldn't force mine on you....agree to disagree. Just because you shout out me louder is not going to make me change my thoughts or beliefs.

I think I am done venting for now......just needed to let off some steam 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Update on 30 while 30......

Well since I will be 33 (SHHHH!!! don't tell anyone) this month I once again am updating my 30 While 30 list (which is turning into a 30 while in my 30s list).Updates are in RED!!!

  1. Get a tattoo (I will not punk out!) Tattoo pic is here!
  2. Get my passport (overseas trip is not in the budget YET....but working on it, at least I can get prepared) Got passport and went to the Bahamas last year!!! Planning another overseas trip for 2015 (got some other big plans for 2014)
  3. Go on a date I got jokes!! Me and a friend had a long discussion about why he doesn't understand why I have not been on a date.....think I finally made him see why :-/
  4. Complete 30 random acts of kindness to strangers this will always be ongoing
  5. Read 30 books that aren't the typical books that I enjoy been busy but got 5 books under my belt this year and still have a stack I have to make it through
  6. Take a spontaneous road trip somewhere by myself, just wake up and go (I have to plan out everything....this is going to be hard) I am not a spontaneous person so this is still no
  7. Go white water rafting no one will go with me
  8. Apply to Masters of  Public Health Program (2 are on the radar) this in works for 2014 all I can say....
  9. Write letters to 30 people who have had an influence in my life and tell them why done!
  10. Run (not walk) a 5K walked one, working on running....
  11. Walk the Music City Half Marathon (still praying on this one....Jesus give me strength!!!) 2014!!!
  12. Save X amount of money (figure will not be disclosed to everyone, but will tell if it is met or not) this is my weakness so no :-(
  13. Donate hair to Locks for Love (length is almost there!) Did it! See!!!
  14. Lose at least 30 pounds (aiming for more....but sticking with the theme of 30)
  15. Purchase a Home (or be in the process...working on that now) have a fear of doing this....but making moves in 2014, house in 2015 is goal
  16. Become a Research Coordinator (next step in my career...making moves!) Just interviewed for this position!!!
  17. Travel west of the Mississippi River (been to Arkansas and Missouri, but that is about it...but have been to all the states east of the Mississippi) done!
  18. Purchase a big ticket item for my mother (have to see what she wants....I am thinking a REAL nice pair of earrings...this will be a surprise) getting close!
  19. Clean out my wardrobe (closet full of clothes and shoes...don't wear half of them, shame!!!) this will be an ongoing process...
  20. Visit the graves of my father and sister (have not done since the funerals) still can't do it :-(
  21. Ask some tough questions of a family member (nothing bad....just unanswered questions) afraid of the answers
  22. Learn how to knit, love to crochet, everytime I try knitting I get frustrated :-( still trying, but can't do it
  23. Write the vision plan for the next big project in my life (can't tell you what it is...yet) done!
  24. Go to a concert in a big venue (don't do crowds of people well, which is limiting me from seeing Maxwell in July...not cool) Can't!!!! Kendrick Lamar and Wale are coming to my alma mater in a few months.....not big, but not small, so might go, step closer.....
  25. Have my first kiss (yes I said it....don't trip) long I still say no
  26. Create a signature vegan dish for me (I love to cook...want to create something that people who are skeptical about vegan and vegetarian dishes will enjoy) Stuffed Mexican portabella mushrooms! They are amazing!!
  27. Complete a financial plan that will pay of my student loans before I die (I am so serious) starting to pay them off finally!
  28. Purchase a piece of artwork that will be handed down to my next generation nope
  29. Learn to speak my mind with no fear of others (some people might think I already do this....if you only knew!!) getting better
  30. Most important thing to do in my year of 30..... HAVE FUN!!!! yess!!!!

Social Media Detox

For those who follow me on my Random Thoughts blog you know that I am on a social media detox until my birthday......this is interesting and I am only on day 4.  I am doing it to first see if I can stay off of facebook, twitter, & instagram and also to focus on some other things going on in my life.

Although, I post at most 1-2 times a day on facebook I am realizing how much time I spend chatting, surfing, and just looking at what other people post. The first day I was on my detox I realized my morning routine consists of waking up checking my phone for what time it is and then to see if I have any alerts.  That is sad......Twitter is a bigger addiction. I would check all during the day for funny things that people post or articles or news stories about things that interest me. I never knew how much time I spent on social media sites.

Now I have begun to think about what will I do after the detox....will I go back to my usual browsing of twitter, fb, and instagram every spare moment I have? Will I not use it as much? I honestly do not know. I see now how much these sites have become so much a part of our lives. I mean I cannot have your phone number but fb message you as if we were texting.  I have several friends who plan outings and gatherings via facebook that I might miss will on my detox.

No matter what will happen after the detox I have learned more about the good and bad of the sites and will continue to use them in same way or form for a while.

recent pic of me after getting my hair done for first time in years! She actually cut a lot of it off!