Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 24: Something you find funny

Picture of a car I took a while ago...I find this funny because the driver actually did this on purpose!

Who inspires you?

Last Friday my mother called me and informed me that me first elementary school principal had died in a car accident. An 18 wheeler hit her head on.  This shook me up more than I thought. What also bothers me was that I found out that she was at my grandmother's funeral and I didn't even get to see or speak to her.  When I heard the news of her death it made me think about who she was in my life. She was a church member, mom's sorority sister, family friend, and a role model. I remember vividly the one time I got in a fight in elementary school and how she spoke to me and how I was punished. The fact that she knew my mom that came up in the speech to me "what would your mother think?" Already knowing that my mother had been called and was on her way to pick me and a butt whopping is waiting for me when I got home.

This was a story I remembered about her growing up, but now as I am an adult I also begin to thing about the influence she had on my as a child. She was a black woman with poise, elegance, and authority, a woman I inspire to be.  She set an example for a lot of young girls to see, considering at the time the school was in the "hood" and girls might not have seen those types of role models in their home. Although I might not have realized it then, I know now that many of the women and men that I saw growing up have been inspirations to me.

From my aunt Mary who didn't have a high school education, but was an avid reader and a lady of faith. She worked hard every day and loved unconditionally.  To Mr. Branch who was the first music teacher I ever had in school and who ended up being my piano teacher in later years, showed me a love for music that continues to this day. To Ms. Yancy at my church who served faithfully who had a humbleness about her that still inspires me. Although we had few interactions when we did interact it left an impression. To Ms. Thompson my first Sunday school teacher, who did not look at my crazy in my first day of Sunday school when I asked her what was before in the beginning (always been a person who asks a lot of questions). To my grandmother who had a Master's degree from college when most black people were not even going to college. Or Professor Troxel my ONLY female college professor in the school of engineering while I was at Vanderbilt. She was not "stiff" like most of my professors were, you could tell she was a wife, a mother, a friend, AND a great engineer. She had a love for what she did and she balanced it well. Or Mrs. JuJu, as I like to call her, she has the loving title of my "white grandmother." Her life of faith and how she has lived her life financially responsibly (hard to put in words) has showed me so much. From loving others, to budgeting, and how to learn from our struggles.

I could probably go on and on and on about the people who have inspired me. There have been so many, and I take grains from all of them. They have helped shape me into who I have become today.  I am not perfect, but a work in progress....I grow daily and seek inspiration in everyone I encounter.....even the homeless people I buy papers from on my way to work, they have a story and they too give me inspiration.

So I pose this question to you.....Who inspires you?

Side note.....I have been in a funk lately....but I am really back this time, will write about later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 23: Go some where you’ve never been & take a picture

Hadn't been here in a office copy room.  Had to take a picture of something. Will do better tomorrow.

Been in a Funk

Since being in a car accident last week I have truly been in a serious funk. I have done basically nothing. Luckily I had deep cleaned my apartment a week before so it was not too messy. I have not even been able to post the photo challenge posts...and those are easy.

I love blogging and it lets me get things out, but lately I have not had the desire to do that....even though I needed to let some things out.  I am slowly recovering from my accident. Gone to doctor and now going to chiropractors, which is helping. My neck still hurts and I am having some issues with my leg, but when I look back over how sever the accident could have been...I am blessed!

I am going to slowly get back into blogging and my life this week. I have to find a new car, which I am not excited about because the old one was paid for.  Hopefully I can get something reliable that is used, but I want to step up. Had a sentra which was a great car, but I am older now and wanted something a little bigger, maybe even an altima, we shall see.

I will post photo challenge pic next....not exactly what the topic is, but it gets me back into blogging mode.

I am thankful to be able to write and vent. Yes I have been in a funk, and the picture above describes how I felt last week, but hopefully by the end of the week things will look on the up and up!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Again......

Had a car accident :-( Not my fault. Doing okay, but body hurts. Will catch up blogging tomorrow. I just want to sleep, fortunately the medicine helps me :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 22: Your room as it is right now

Room is a mess, but this is only part of it. Took this morning as I was rushing out the door. As you can see bed is not made (mom would be upset) and dresser is cluttered. Oh well!

Will...just continue tomorrow, won't catch up like I did last time. Busy day at work.

Blogging Funk

Okay for some reason I got in a blogging funk last week and just stopped posting. I think I am out of it. What was sad I did not even post the simple photo challenge posts....about to pick back up.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday. Oh....tried the curly look with new hair cut, still debating if I like, but most people have given me compliments. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Can Only Be Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I was thinking about who I was becoming as a person and I realize....I can only be me. I am not perfect, I am a work in progress, but I am me. Flaws and All. So I decided to really think about who "me" is....
  1. I am a woman
  2. God fearing (don't always using that phrase, but fits here)
  3. Big (I will NEVER be a size zero....I am okay with that, just want to be healthy)
  4. I am a dork and love it!
  5. Can be judgmental at times...never said I was perfect
  6. I care too much, which causes me to be hurt alot
  7. Lazy perfectionist (I like things done right, but I know I don't always work hard to do them right)
  8. I love the kids! Have to invest in the youth.
  9. "No Hands" is my kryptonite....for some reason I lose it when that song comes on, sad I know.
  10. I have no rhythm....I can dance, but never in public (funny considering I took ballet, jazz, and tap as a child)
  11. I am a virgin, planning on staying that way till married, one person said I should not broadcast that, but why not?
  12. Hard for me to cry in front of people...think maybe 2 people have SEEN me cry...don't know if that is good or bad.
  13. I am shy, I don't talk to strangers
  14. Very goofy at times....
That is all I can think of for now. Not all encompassing, but a start. I will only be me, take it or leave it! I love me and God loves me so I am GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 21: Your parents

Mom and Dad...Parents divorced my freshman year in college.  Didn't feel like scanning another old picture of them together. Dad is deceased, mom is still alive in kickin it! Love them both!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 20: A hobby you have

Scrapbooking...picture of a scrapbook of the mentoring group that I work with.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Deactivation of Facebook

Thursday I decided to deactivate my facebook account. This was a tough decision for me because I had reconnected with so many people I had lost contact with for a while. I enjoyed playing the games,looking at pictures, and reading the various status updates. This weekend a few people got the revelation that I was no longer on facebook and asked why....that was a tough question to answer.

I think it was because I did not have the will power just to not log and check messages and browse from time to time. I did not have the will power not play games instead of working or reading when I am supposed to. It had become an extreme distraction in the bigger picture of my life. I mean I would check when I wake up, during the day, and before I go to bed. I was not a psycho user who planned her life around facebook, but it did take a lot of my time.

There are some things I miss about facebook. Such as the random posts from some of my friends. The sharing of links and articles that I find interesting. The updates of classmates that I might not keep in tough with on the phone, but like to know how their lives are going. I enjoyed the event invites, great way to organize events among friends. 

Some things I don't miss about facebook are the stalkers who keep trying to add you, I know my page was private still can't figure out how they did that. The people who add you just to be nosey and see what is in your life. I hate when people put too much information on facebook....I mean really do I need to see pictures of your dead relative in a casket (happened several times). I hate the people who comment on everything you post, do you have the time to look at everything on faecbook?

Before I deleted my facebook page I had pretty much migrated over to twitter, less intrusive, and I don't have to check constantly. I update statuses frequently, but I don't have the urge to continue to look at every update that is posted. Most of my twitter friends are random people, although a few of the people I actually know are friends on twitter now.

Will I ever go back to facebook????? Yes, but for now it is a much needed break.  I miss it sometimes, especially on Sunday afternoons when I have nothing to do (but I guess I should be reading or studying), but I know in the long run it is a time to work on me and figure out some things in life that will take me to the next step.

Day 19: Favorite part of yourself and why

Picture was before the big chop, but I love my smile :-)