Thursday, July 31, 2008

White Man Confident...Black Man Arrogant...

This is something that is really beginning to irritate me. When people see a black man who is about his business and confident in who is they call him arrogant or cocky, but when a white man acts the same way he is called confident... I mean by no means is Barack Obama perfect, but the fact that he is running his campaign very well and is on the way to be the first African American president of the United States he is now being called arrogant??? Are you serious??? He has defeated one of the power house families in American government, he has raised more money than any other individual canidate, and he has been able to give Americans hope that they thought they had lost...I feel he has every right to be confident that he is doing a great job.

The republican party is stooping to low tactics to descredit him. I mean you can disagree on the issues(which I thought the elections was about) without attacking a man's character. McCain is now harping on the fact that he is the underdog...which in some respects is true...but he still has the upperhand. I don't remember the state or the man's name, but I remember my mother and aunt telling me about an election for governor, I think it was in California, where all the major polls had an African American Male running for governor or mayor leading by a landslide....but on election day he lost by a landslide. All the people who said they were going to vote for him in public voting against him in private....makes you think. I am not saying this is going to happen, but makes you think.

I have referred most to the presidential campaign, but I do think this is an issue that is prevelant in all professions in today's society. I think society has a tendency to dog black needs to stop. Sometimes I feel that I can be an optimist and hope for the best in every situation, but I do feel that black men need to be uplifted an praised for all the good things that they do. All black men are not bad and all white men are not good. When someone is on top of the game and doing well they have every right to be confident, but I do feel society views confidence differently for different people....just some of my thoughts

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Should a Guy's Job Matter???

Should a guy's job matter when it comes to being in a relationship??? I mean could a person with a college education and a career(not just a job) be compatible with someone who might only have a high school diploma or even less? Can a man be okay with his wife making more money than he does or more career driven than he is? Should a woman give a janitor a chance if she is say for example an accountant?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dysfunctional Love

I started this blog on Myspace and decided to expound on it....

Why do people get into relationships out of their own issues? I mean why enter into a relationship to feel a void? I think relationships should compliment each other not complete each other. I was listening to my Ipod today and one of the songs from the CD that was inspired by Passion of the Christ came on. It was called Relearn Love. The words are so simple but so meaningful. I mean so many peole need to relearn what love actually is. I think in today's society love is so often confused with lust. I do believe when you have a twisted view of love you always end up getting hurt and sad to say you never understand why. When I talk about love I am talking love in all relationships, just not romantic ones. I think so many people's definition of love or idea of love is so dysfunctional and jaded that they have no clue...Just me venting, hadn't wrote in a while.

I was talking to a friend the other day and her life is a series of dysfunctional love...but what hurts she does not see it. She is actually content in jumping from relationship to relationship out of her own issues. Although she stays in relationships for long periods of time she does not heal before going to the next one, which creates a series of unfortunate events. What hurts about it all...she is now bringing a child into her chaos. You try to offer advice, but when she asks it is too late and she has already made the mistake. How can you help someone like this???

People often say that I am too picky and need to lower my standards when it comes to love, but the more that I look at other people's relationships I learn and I know what I want in a relationship. Will I have the peferct relationship? No, but I will try not to make the same mistakes I see so often. I am open to love, I am open to learn, but I am not open to dysfunction. I know we all have issues and have to deal with the them, but they do not need to be the basis of a relationship..