Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Put Me in a Box

Why do people try to label you and put you in a box? I am me, I am different. Deal with it.  Some of the thoughts that I have had the past month or so have been outside of the usual me, but I am becoming okay with that.  Life is what you make of it and how you respond.

I realize I am an ever evolving person and I think life is better that way. One person in my life recently said that he feels that I really don't who I am and I am still discovering who that person is. I have to agree and disagree with this statement. I know who I am, but like I said I am ever evolving.  I am learning, no questioning that if how I feel will be understood by others.

Recently I told a male friend that I have given up on men, not becoming a male basher, but tired of the hurt of wanting and nothing happening......take that statement as you will. One person said I need to put myself out there, which I think I do....but nothing. It hurts, but I am slowly coming to grips with it.

Above it is recent picture of me.  Hair looked okay and I liked my smile eventhough my face is blurred. Cheese :-)

I am also admitting to myself that I overthink and question everything. Which can be difficult. I question people, motives, religion, and beliefs. I question why people do what they do why people who they feel.  There HAS to be a reason and logic behind everything in my mind. I NEED to know.....I get frustrated when I don't know....not a good place to be.

As  you have read my thoughts are random.....if you follow my blog you should know this by now. If you still follow me, thank you!!! I am more on twitter and tumblr, but as the year is winding down I really do believe that I will be posting on here more. 

Have a GREAT DAY!!!! Feel free to comment, also suggest some blogs you follow that I might find interesting.

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Unknown said...

NOTHING wrong with over thinking, it is apart of your evolution.