Sunday, July 26, 2015

35 while 35 list!!!

Well the tradition continues......every 5 years I am going to complete a list of things. So since I turn 35 this year (seems like I was 30 forever) I will attempt to complete the following 35 things :-)

1. Save $3500 
2. Lose at least 100 pounds (originally said 35 but that is too easy)
3. Run 1/2 marathon (gearing up for Hot chocolate 15k as a warm up the Music City Marathon)
4. Read 35 books
5. International travel (suggestions welcome)
6. 35 random acts of kindness
7. Go on an actual date (one year this will actually fall off my list)
8. Get my 2nd tattoo (design already picked out)
9. Random thoughts daily for entire year (will post weekly on fb)
10. Blog on original blog weekly
11. Meet 35 new people and write about experience (for those who know me.....I don't talk to strangers so this is a big deal)
12. Attempt 35 new recipes
13. Keep a journal entire year of all my experiences I complete
14. 35 love notes
15. 35 community service activities
16. Watch 35 new movies (up for suggestions)
17. Try 35 new restaurants 
18. Walk/jog 35 miles monthly
19. Donate 35 pieces of clothing (it's sad how many items in my closet I never wear)
20. Phase flip flops out of my daily wardrobe (for those who know me......pray!)
21. Visit graves of my father and sister (still haven't been able to do this)
22. Weekend cabin tip to Gatlinburg
23. Try a new brunch spot monthly
24. Huge surprise for my mother
25. Apply for grad school
26. Take SOCRA exam (October is target date)
27. Teach my mother to use laptop and Internet (she has made progress,but has a long way to go)
28. Get cable again (now that I don't work as much antenna television is not enough)
29. Concert at a big venue (Janet Jackson in September)
30. Pay off my car early
31. Home ownership or new apartment (depends on my next career move)
32. Job promotion
33. Cut hair again (can't donate, but need to switch it up)
34. Be more social 
35. Just have fun!!!!!!


Q said...
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Q said...

I love your lists and random thoughts. Rooting for you to accomplish all that you have up here and more! And I've STILL got something that I need to get to you!!! lol