Friday, January 30, 2009

Reproductive Rights Gone to Far???

I know most people have heard about the women who just delivered 8 babies....WOW!!! I have never given birth to one child (One day!!), but I can imagine the pain and toll that it took on her. To have 8 tiny human beings inside of you...I love the urban dictionary's definition of a pregnant woman... "parasitically challenged." But now I am a little upset when I find out more about the story. This is a single mother with 6 children already so now she has 14 kids!!!! I am not to say how many kids a woman should have, but this woman's story has made me think about a lot of questions. They are as follows....

    1. She lives with her mother and father why does she not have a place of her own?

    2. Where is the father of the first 6 kids?

    3. Who and where is the father of the 8 kids she just had?

    4. If she had a sperm donor for these kids? If there is a father for the kids is he apart of their lives? Why does she feel that kids do not need a father in their lives?

    5. If she was able to have 6 kids before why does she need infertility treatment?

    6. The woman's father is going back to Iraq to help support the family and they not have enough money? How is she going to be able to work with 8 babies and 6 kids??? From what I can see this woman is "fairly young," Babies and kids are expensive....and she has 14!!!!

    7. Who is going to fit the bill for these kids?

    8. When does a woman's wanting to have a child infringe on the health of a child...what I mean is all of these children were born prematurely due to the number of pregnancies they all are below normal birth weight, need help breathing, and are at high risk for health problems. Should a woman go to these extremes to bring a child into the world so she can have somebody to love???

    9. I am not an advocate of abortion, but I am pro-choice...when the doctor told her about the risk to the babies' health and asked did she want to reduce the number of fetuses did she really think that not having all the children might be better for the ones to survive?

    Ok....I think those are all the questions I have in my head. I honestly I am still thinking through how I feel about this whole situation. Right now the woman is asking for her privacy, but the things that have come out so far, I am really not feeling this whole situtation.

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