Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Accoutability: Actions toward of involving otheres that reflect the integrity of
the person you will be.

This statement really stood out to me. I have been dealing with a lot lately in my personal life and this is one area that keeps coming up. I think accountability is so lacking in today's society. I am thankful for my close friends and the ones who hold me accountable. We all have issues and all fall short, but I think that is where friends come in. To hold you accountable.

I think that it is so important in a friendship. I think too many people want friends who cosign on everything that they do even when they are wrong. To me that is not a good friend. This can cause you to get in situations that are not good for anyone involved.

But I think one part of accoutability that is hard, is doing it in love and not being judgemental. This is a hard line to walk. I have to be able to realize what ever decision I make after you attempt to hold be accountable that you still love me and are there for me. I might not agree with you, but I know you got my best interest at heart. Make sense?

Ok...I have more on my mind and need to get it out, this blog is leading to another one that might step on some people's toes, but I am praying about how to write it...hopefully the words will come in the near future.

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