Monday, July 26, 2010

Been on Vacation!!!!

Well I have bee on a semi vacation for the past week and that is why I have not posted on either of my blogs. I wanted to, but I was so tired :-(. Each year I take a trip with the teenagers I mentor through a program at my church called Saving Our Daughters.  We attempt to take them to places their parents might not normally take them or can not afford to take them on their own. We try to expose them to new things, cultural & educational sites, and just let them have a great time. This year we took them to Philadelphia, spent a day in New York City, took a short trip to the beach and shopping over at Atlantic City, and then ended the trip with a day at the amusement park in Maryland. We had a ball and below are a few of the pictures from the trip. Hope you enjoy!

This is a picture of Amish Country. We road past while on a dinner train ride.

Me and some of the girls I mentor after the train ride

The Statue of Liberty

In front of The Apollo Theater in Harlem

The gate into China Town given to Philadelphia by their sister city in China

The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia

The steps from the movie Rocky in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I ran down them, but did not run up them.

Well these are just a few of the pictures from the trip.  I have tons more, but these are just some of the highlights. I hope to go back to these cities to visit by myself to enjoy more of what each city has to offer. Hope you enjoyed!!! Will be back to my regular posts soon. Taking a few days to recuperate from the trip before I go back to work....I need it!

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