Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Religious Freedom.....HA!!!!

This morning while I was watching the news there was a story on a petition to stop a mosque in town near where I live.  I had been hearing this story for a few days now, but just got the time (and energy....fractured bone in my finger) to write about it.  This story is really irking me. The United States claims to be a nation of religious freedom....but that is only as long as your are a Christian.

I am a Christian and I love the Lord!!! But I also respect all people for the religious beliefs. I know people and I am friends with people who are Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, and Muslim. We don't get into religious debates, and we respect each others belief systems.  I don't force my beliefs on others, but I am also I am not ashamed of my beliefs.

I am tired of people using extremist to get their point across.  Not all Muslims are planning the next 911 and all people who are Christians are "saints." Both religions from my understanding do not promote violence and condemn the extreme actions of their followers that go against the teachings of their belief systems.

Yes, I live in Tennessee and the more and more I see the political, religious, and cultural intolerance (amongst other things....) it is become very frustrating and I know this goes on everywhere. Recently I went to visit friends and family in Atlanta and an older cousin said something that really stuck in my head. That side of my family pretty much lived in the New York City area, but she now has been living in Atlanta for several years. One thing that someone said to her when she first moved down there...Don't forget you are in Atlanta, but once you leave Atlanta you are in Georgia....I'll let that statement marinate for a while.

I think Jon Stewart did a great piece which points out some excellent things....

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