Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Never been tested....

Do you know what today is???? If you have been online, facebook, or twitter you should know that it is World AIDs Day. Friends have changed their avatars, they have posted links, blogs, and videos of what you should get tested today.  I have even done so....but one of my last tweets I said this:

really wants to post something....but people might take it the wrong way

Was going to post on twitter, then I decided to blog about it because I would have the give an explanation.

Every year I post that people should get tested, that people should know their status and so on, but guess what....I have never been tested. I have always had this debate in my mind should I or shouldn't I.....

Some may call me a hypocrite, some might say I am crazy, but if you follow my blog you might know why I am none of the above. Honestly I have debated about being tested, but why should I?  Something I have posted on my blog is that I am virgin and plan on staying that way until married.   All the behaviors that I have seen listed on how you can get it....done none of that.

Will I ever get tested...yes, but right now I have not. One of my friends on facebook stated that she gets tested every year even though she is married and her doctor laughs, but she knows if she gets something she knows who gave it to her. This will probably be my mentality one day.

You might read this and disagree with my thought process, I am open for opinions....not judgment.  I believe that everyone should know their status and AIDS should be taken seriously and there needs to be a cure found. As I read the various posts today from people attempting to raise awareness about the disease it is a disease that affects so many people and it is a disease that can be prevented.

If you think I am wrong, let me know. I go back and forth every year, but my thought process is....when I go to the doctor (which I am doing now....I am afraid of doctors) I am not going to have me test for everything I could have just because people say I should.


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Humbly Beautiful said...

Never, just don't see why I should when there is almost a 0% chance that I could be infected