Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not My Fault

This is how I feel right now. If you follow me, you all know I was in a car accident at the beginning of November. This has been a headache from the beginning. I was not at fault in the accident, but everything is falling on me. My car was totaled out, my neck, my back, and my leg experienced a lot of pain and I had to go to the doctor and the chiropractor for a while (just gone done with that) and I am the one having to buy a new car (with a car note) and do all the leg work.

I have become very frustrated with this whole situation and it has sent my holiday mood into a funk and that is not good. Everyday I attempt to blog....but I can't finish. Everyday I am on the phone with insurance companies, car dealers, doctors, attorneys (long story), and banks.  I finally picked out a car and it should be here by the end of the year(prayerfully). 
I am just tired and emotionally drained. The other person's car was fine, her car just lost a little paint, her car did not spin around and go in the opposite direction.  I am trying not to be bitter and focus on the positives, but the negatives keep popping up.

I have to remind myself, that I am alive, once the insurance situation is taken care of I have the money to purchase a new car, I have the mind and knowledge to deal with everything.  I just get frustrated!!!

I think I am done. Off to finish some work and then out to lunch with old coworkers.  Tis the season! Have eaten out for lunch everyday this week for free! Wonder if the streak will continue today????

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LC said...

Just remember that this too shall pass!! I hope that things get better for you!!