Sunday, February 27, 2011

Major Accomplishment!!!

The picture above is a screen shot of the longest distance I have ever walked! If you are following my blogs you know that I am training to walk a half marathon in April.  I am training with Team Rio which is helping raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee. So on Saturdays we do group run/walks and yesterday was a test for me to see if I would be able to keep training.

See two Saturdays ago the route was a little over 6 miles, but a little than 5 miles through the course I gave up. What happened I made the mistake of walking 4 miles the day before and body was tired the next the day and I did not have the mental or physical ability to finish.  Then last week I could not walk with the group due to prior obligations and I did not push myself to do the walk on my own. 

The fact that I was able to finish 8.4 miles, have a pace of less than 20 miles/minute, able to go to work right after, and still be able to function the rest of the day was a testimony in itself. I know now that I have the motivation and the commitment to see this thing to the end. During the walk I thought about giving up, I kept asking myself is it worth it??? Yes it is!

I am resting today and Monday, and hoping to work on getting my miles down to around 18 minutes.  I am excited about this week's workout! Did you see the calories burned? Some people don't eat that many calories in a day!!!

I will say was nothing but God that helped me get finished with the route!

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LC said...

Excellent Job!! Those miles and that time is a major accomplishment!!