Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Morning Muses: The Start

This morning as I sit in bed I think about writing, what do I want to say?  In attempts to do better about blogging I have decided that Saturday Morning Muses will be my regular posts...a way to start my weekend and get thoughts off chest of how the week went. It won't be my only blog posts, but will me way of at least blogging once a week.

Often times Saturday morning I wake up and I am in my bed just thinking wondering why my bed is holding me hostage, what am I going to do for the day, what is going on wrong (or good) with my life. I know I have to get up and be an "adult" but so often (as I am doing now) I just stay in bed thinking "I don't wanna!!!!!"  So now I will write....

I will keep this going, I will get thoughts and feelings out that I have been keeping inside. I am going back through old posts and seeing how much I have changed and grown that I realize more and more why continuing to blog or write my thoughts is important. Rather people read them or not, my way of letting things out.

Enjoy the ride :-)

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