Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Meant to write last night, but.....sleep was calling my name. One of my favorite sayings is "words mean things." I think I first heard it on my favorite podcast, The Read, stated by Crissle. It stuck out to me for so many reasons and I often use this phrase in life.

So yesterday I was thinking about the word blessed. I think it is often used in church and in life, so I looked up the definition and some definitions are as follows:

  1. Held in reverence
  2. Honored in worship
  3. Of or enjoying happiness 
  4. Bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune
I often say that I am blessed, but do I mean it? Do I just say it to convince myself or do I really mean it? We often say things out of habit and because they sound good, but do I really think that I am blessed???

Yes I do think I am blessed! When I think over my life and opportunities that I have had I truly am blessed. I have had hard times in life, but overall when I think about my life....I am blessed. We often take things for granted in life, and assume things that we receive or have are things we are owed or a given...they are not. So when I think about that I truly realize that I am truly blessed.  

Today (well should have been yesterday) is the start of a series....I will explain at the end, but for now...enjoy the ride!

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