Friday, November 7, 2008

Few of My Thoughts on History....

Today I finally decided to put into words my feelings over the election of our first African American President. That night I experienced joy, happiness, nervousness, scaredness(don't even think that is a word), and so many other emotions. I witnessed history, I was a part of history. I thought about how this will impact generations to come. When President-Elect Barack Obama and his family walked across that staged it made me see what was to come. I saw a great representation for all people just not Blacks, but ALL people. He is a role model in so many ways and his family is also.

I thought about those who fought to give all people the right to vote. I thought about how people died, people went to jail, people experienced so much to give me this opportunity, and yet so many people don't vote...but in this election we did better, not great but better. My vote counted, my vote meant something. When you look at how close some states where EVERY vote counted.

When I was watching the television and looking at what was going on in me that is what America should be. People of all colors, faiths, and ethnicity united and enjoying this historic occasion. People getting along and celebrating, not hatred, not anger, just love. This was beautiful.

I have written a lot about the emotions that I have felt and now I think about how my state voted. I live in Tennessee...the south and put up a picture of how the presidential election went by county in my state...I am pretty sure if you go to a lot of the other Southern states you might find something similar. Yes more people voted and yes the urban areas predominately voted for Obama, but when you look at the make up the votes by county...the map has not changed. The south is still the south. Yes he won Virgina and North Carolina, but largely due to larger urban areas and increased African American voting.

I had a conversation with so many people and asked the question "If Barack was white, do you think the race would have been this close?" Most people in response said no. Yes he crossed color lines, and yes he is of mixed heritage, but the majority of Americans....including African Americans just see him as a Black man.

Those of who have read my blogs on myspace or my notes on facebook know that I can be random and my thoughts can be everywhere, but I write to get them out. I pray for the Obama family daily, I pray that he is protected and he makes the right decisions for this country and his home. He has a tremendous burden on his shoulder and we all need to help lift that burden. We have to live the motto "Yes We Can!" Not just Barack, not just our government, but all of us as Americans. No man can do it alone, we are out brother's keeper. This election has gone down in history, but we still have to continue to make history...the work does not stop here....

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