Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have to be able to talk to you!!!!

I like to write on different topics and I usually write about things that I am dealing with and this is something that has been really irking me. Why approach someone, male or female, when you can't hold a conversation? I do believe the art of face to face conversation is dying with the growth of social networking websites and texting, but really... Is it too hard to be able to approach someone and have a convo that makes sense???
A while ago I wrote about should a guy's job matter which ties in with this to me. I am not saying if you clean floors or just have a high school degree you can't hold a convo, but if I value education and being able to talk about and discuss different topics that are more complex shouldn't you be able to do the same? One of my friends had a great example. If a man is a physical fitness trainer and nutritionist would it make sense for him to date a woman who is morbidly obese and can't walk up two steps without having a heart attack?? No, it wouldn't, he values health and that is something I am assuming he would like in a mate. I have met several people who are not formally educated, but can hold a great conversation and think & process things better than people with a graduate degree. I do think this the exception, not the norm.
If all you can say is hello and you look nice and you smart...what the??? If we are having a topic on politics or the election of Barack Obama and all you can say is "My President is Black!"...yes that was direct quote of all a person could say about Obama's win. If we are talking about what you want to do with your life and all you can say is I want to make your only motivation in life to make money? I even go back to one of my favorite movies, Love & Basketball, when Shawnee sent that message by Monica to Quincy and Monica stated(not exact quotes) "She is not trying to get to know you, She is just trying to bone." That is a classic example. All Shawnee could talk about was Q's body, not his mind, his thoughts, or who he was as a person. If we are talking about what we do for a living you might not understand exactly what I do, but a general idea might be helpful. All I am saying conversation can be a good thing versus one liners or shallow statements.

I have said this to say in any relationship rather it be friendship, professional, romantic, or even with family I have to be able to talk to you. I really do not think this is too much to ask. I know people have their moments and their days. I know everyone is not well versed in all topics, but simple conversation can be accomplished. Have a complete thought, have an original idea, have your own opinion on that too much to ask??? One of my favorite quotes is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, he says "Don't recite other people's opinions. ...Tell me what you know." I think this is one key component to having a meaningful conversation. Just my thoughts. Could not sleep and had to vent :)


Talk to Me please! said...

Hey! You seem like a really awesome person! I would love to talk to you some time!

Brothers Blog said...

I definitely agree with you. If you can't communicate with a person and have a conversation then why even approach them. I know guys are more guilty of this since they're doing the approaching. But I have had times when I have approached females and they have nothing to talk about. IT's like come on gotta be better than this.