Sunday, November 30, 2008

If I were a boy, would he be a girl???

The other day I was browsing blogs and I came across a comment that inspired me ask the question. When I first heard the song by Beyonce' I was so not feeling the song. If you have not seen the video check out If I Were A Boy. Then I saw the video and I was like deep. I understand the thinking behind the lyrics and the video, but is it that

I mean just because you act like a guy does not mean he will act like a girl. Plus the actions are not just done by males or just done by females. I think when a person cheats there are so many things that go into the equation that most people do not think about and most people just assume. I think females assume so many things about men...and men do the same, but the problem is assuming is not good.

I just wanted to pose the question. So many things can go into this blog, but did not want to go to deep, sometimes when I do I ramble. Plus I want to hear what others think.

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