Thursday, February 19, 2009

Am I getting old???

Yesterday when I was getting ready for work I was listening to the radio and "The Stanky Leg" song come on. I don't know, but it irritated me so much!!! I then put on my facebook page as my status " is tired of songs that are dances...there was never a song called the cabbage patch, the snake, gangsta walkin, or the running man(at least I don't think)." This sparked a discussion that went on among several people all day. I was corrected and affirmed about by statements.

I hear all these songs today and I am really irritated. The stanky leg? Superman (don't get me started on this song...he was a teenager singing about this nonsense!!!) Are you serious? On my facebook page I was politely corrected about all the dance songs that we had growing up...I am only 28 years old so I am not ancient, but I do not think I felt the same way about the songs for dances as I do now. I was reminded of the tootsie roll, gangsta walking, percolator, and many other songs we had. But that seems so long ago.

I went to see Dwele this weekend and had a blast. Music was great, lyrics were great, and he put on a great performance!! I did not have to get up and do a dance, I was not sweating by the end of the night, all I had to do is sit there and enjoy the music. Not to say I don't like to dance, but when you got all these instructions and takes you forever to figure out the dance what is the point?? Give me Dwele, Chrisette Michelle, Musiq, Anthony, or Hil St. Soul any day....Didn't even list the oldies I love. To me that is real music!!

The whole convo yesterday had me really thinking am I getting old? I mentor kids and love to have fun with them, but everyday I think I am sounding more and more like my parents and it is scary!!!

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