Sunday, February 8, 2009

Even Me!!!

A while ago I wrote I had a lot going on my mind and just could not find the words. I think the above clip expresses how I am feeling write now. Plus those boys can SANG!!! Check some of their other videos if you like...okay, back to to the topic.

We all fall short and none of us are perfect. I went shopping at Borders, my FAVORITE store, and since I am trying to stick to the budget I was browsing the bargain books and got two books for $5.00!!!! One was Michael Jordan's book...he is a last of a dying breed, and I got a book that had quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. one of my heroes. The book opens with this statement:

Surely those who are reluctant to do what is asked of them should be the more admired. Surely those who are afraid, who question themselves, who admit their own abilities, but who, under pressure, rise to the moment, are our true paragons.

This took me back to one of my favorite scriptures Jeremiah 1. I sometimes think I am too young or do not have the talents to complete the task at hand, but I do and this is what scares me. I have these visions and goals that are outside the box and most people look at me crazy, but I know it is what I am supposed to do.

I think going back to the youtube clip. The original hymn my girl Karla use to sing at my church growing up and the words never hit me....till I saw this clip. Despite all my issues, despite all my struggles, despite my past, despite all my inefficiencies God still uses me. All I can say right now...Even Me!!!

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