Thursday, February 26, 2009

On My Mind

I have been thinking a lot lately and that can be good and bad. My faith means a lot to me and I am growing in it everyday. I am not perfect and fall short, but it is a process and I am learning and growing everyday. I am learning to love and not judge and this is hard for me. This morning I woke up and this topic was on my mind.
I was thinking about the story of Jacob and Leah. To summarize Jacob wanted Rachel, Leah's sister, but he was tricked into marrying in Leah. Jacob still wanted Rachel even though he wanted Leah. Jacob worked 7 years to get Leah once he realized he was tricked he worked 7 more years for Rachel. Although he had to work 7 more years for Rachel he still slept with Leah...and Leah birthed several children out of this. Out of the lineage of Jacob and Leah...Jesus Christ was born. Ok... that is my short synopsis. If you want to read the whole story go to Genesis 29 then to Matthew 1 for the lineage of Jesus Christ.
My question becomes should you birth children out of your own issues? Leah continued to sleep with Jacob although she knew that he did not love her. Then she names her kids out of her own issues. She finally birthed a child and did it to the glory of God. If Leah did not birth kids out of her own issues we would have never had Jesus Christ. Which brings me back to my question...
In today's society parents continuously have kids out of their own issues and put their own issues upon their children and they are jacked up, but does this mean that they should not have children?
Just needed to get that out of my head, been processing it all day. Feel free to comment.

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