Thursday, April 9, 2009

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

I really believe that I might be one of the only woman in the world who is not a fan of this book. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy listening to Steve in the morning and I usually enjoy his comedy, but I am not getting into this book and I refuse to buy it or read it. I even like to listen to some of the advice that he gives out in the morning, don't agree with it all, but everyone has their own opinion.

I have heard women going around talking about this book like it is the Bible...which it is not. What is weird to me, most guys I have heard are not feeling the book and it is not because they think Steve is giving out all the secrets. They think women think ALL men think they way Steve talks about how they think. Guys are not all the same.

There might even be a few good points in the book, but when you continuously quote the book and bring up to men..."well Steve Harvey says." I am pretty sure he will not take well to that. Steve Harvey always says he is an expert on men, but not relationships (considering he has been married 3 times), but most of the advice he gives is on relationships.

I am far from a hater of Steve. I love what he tries to do to mentor the kids and a lot of things he says on the radio and I do respect him for this book, but I think women should not continue and think this is the book to understand all men or master how men think.

I have yet to hear a man say good things about the book and that makes me wonder....

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LJ said...

I'm totaly agreeing with you. Edited a book means not you're right. Especially if you're divorded 3 times. People just can't follow his example nor advices. I think people must follow their own life and experiences, you must learn from it. It's true, you can't compare men to women, but you've to imagine sometimes how's to be them.