Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who is a true friend???

I have had a lot going on in my life and getting to the point where I can write again and get some things off my chest...

Who do you consider your true friend?Do we really have true friends? I am beginning to realize the difference in friends and acquaintances. I see that if you put this statement in the picture as a description of your friends you might not have that many.

I think friends are people that you can depend on and you enjoy spending time with. Friends accept you for who you are and don't judge you, but they hold you accountable. You will not always agree with them and you might even fight, but they have your back. The challenge you and help you become a better person.

In my life I have very few friends and honestly...I like it that way. And surprisingly most people don't take the time to become a true friend to most. People have superficial relationships and they honestly do not take the time to get to know people.

When I started this blog I began to write out things that I do not tell people about and a way to get things off my chest. It actually works to vent. I have honestly not gotten to write about everything that is on my mind but this is a start. Don't know if people read, most people do not comment, but it is my way of expressing myself.

Ok...I got sidetracked. I guess I will end this blog with a question and a video. Who do you consider a true friend, or what qualities do you want in a true friend and why???

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