Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Hair Dilemma Continues

Now that it is summer I am having issues with my hair...once again. A few months ago I decided to cut my hair and I loved it!! But now I miss it :-( , I want my hair back...I think??? When my hair is long I am able to put it in a ponytail when I work out or when I don't feel like doing it. I can have it naturally curly and all of these things I can't do now. I will give you examples of pros and cons of each style and would love your opinion...
Current Style (Short & Layered):

Pros: cute, short, easy to flat iron, color, body

Cons: no ponytail, hair natural looks crazy(too short), is in my face and makes it break out

Long & Curly:

Pros: I love curls, my beautician makes them stay, looks great on my face, ponytail capabilities

Cons: hard for me to do, sometimes curls go weird directions, frizzes unless I go to shop, sometimes curls get in the way, takes forever to do myself

Naturally Long & Curly or Crinkly (best pic I could find sorry):

Pros: long, easy to do (wash & go), ponytail looks good high up or low, no heat on hair
Cons: have to wash every twice a week, tangles, have to use moose, can be frizzy at times, can be too causal at times
Long wrapped & straight:

Pros: Manageable, cute, long, just have to wrap at night, frames my face without being all in my face, simple, ponytail capabilities
Cons: can frizz, long time to flat iron, gets plain over time, can get flat and lose bounce
Okay...would love for suggestions. I really don't know what I want to do with my hair now. Up for suggestions. Which style do you like most? Is there a combination of styles you might suggest? Let me know.


sonya said...

I love your hair in all styles, but my favorite is the long & curly! It's so glamourous & I think you really like the versatility too. Enjoy your shorter'do for these hotter months. As for working out, a cute little scarf or headband has helped me when I couldn't pull my hair up. No'll be back before you know it:)

TBB said...

Beautiful hair--all the styles look great on you!

Humbly Beautiful said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions...I am just going to let my hair grow and see what happens for now.