Friday, August 21, 2009

Nonsense will NOT be tolerated!!!

This was my first twitter post of the day. I think this will be added to some of my mottoes in life. I think too much nonsense goes on everyday and it is just accepted. This just ain't right!! I am not saying go and call everybody out, but take a stand for what you believe in. People might not always agree, but you can voice your a respectful way. Life is short and I am tired of questioning things and not saying anything. Sister Act II said it best. I have a voice in this world and I deserve to be heard...I know that came from something else, but I just remember the movie at this time.

I am determined to have a good day and not let nonsense get to me. What scares me is the a lot of people don't recognize nonsense when they see it. A lot of nonsense has become so common that it has become the norm. I find myself becoming irritated that people are blinded to common sense.

I just needed to vent. I have a headache this morning, but promised myself that I will have a great day!!!

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