Saturday, August 1, 2009

Self Discipline

I was watching at television show this evening and got VERY irritated....which inspired this blog entry.

Self discipline, why is it so hard? Why as a society do we not practice self discipline in a lot of areas in our lives. I think society teaches people to be free and do whatever they desire, self expression, but is this what is good? I mean if everyone went around doing whatever they wanted it would be utter chaos!!! Which is so not cool. I am not saying that everyone should be censored, but people need to realize that self discipline is a trait that needs to be practiced more. I am not saying it is easy, nothing in life is easy.

I updated my status on facebook and said just because a person screams their point it does not make it right. I think people argue for things and they get loud, but they make no sense. A lot of things could be prevented with self discipline. It is not that people won't make mistakes, or people won't slip up, but people should not continue to justify or say their issues are okay.

One of my weakness has to do with my weaknesses...My weight. I am overweight and working on it. But my lack of self discipline in what I eat and how much I exercise leads to my problem. I am working on it...but my lack of self discipline can and has led me to issues in my health, not extreme, but a problem.

I really wrote this to vent and get things off my chest...

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