Friday, August 21, 2009

What if we saw your life on the big screen???

A little while ago I wrote a blog on casting your first stone. Recently I was in a conversation with a friend and like always I over analyze so many things. Well....I got to thinking about what if people could see all of our issues on a big screen???

People always judge people or make comments about other people's lifestyles, choices, and issues, but they don't realize what if we call could see what you are struggling with??? We all have issues and we all dealing with something, but our issue might not be as visible as other's.

Have you ever wondered what would people think if they knew all about your past, or all about the things you struggle with on a daily basis? I know I have as many issues as the next and I would say I don't try to hide my issues, but the person who would encounter me on a daily basis might not ever know what I deal with daily.

I will give you an example...A lady who sleeps around with anybody and everybody, she might be quick to be labeled a hoe, but has anybody taken the time to get to the root of her issue, which might be needing and searching for love in all the wrong places? People are quick to snap or judge her (I am guilty too) without considering what has gotten her to the point where she is now. People would like her to stop sleeping around, but once you convince her to do that she still had the same issue and she just manifests it in a different way...

I think about daily how I choose to grow and change and how if people knew my inner most issues would they look at me the same....probably not. This makes me more cognisant of how I view and approach other people. You never know what they have been through or what they are going through.

If my life was on a big screen...Everything I have been through, everything I have thought, every good AND bad thing that I have done, I just can only imagine what people would say. I am learning daily to not judge, love in spite of, and be patient. I can't change anyone only God can. All I can do is be thankful for His grace and mercy that have kept me thus far!!!

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