Monday, October 12, 2009

Kids on Youtube...Please be a parent!!!!

This morning when I came into work I was checking my facebook account and was looking at the various links that some of my friends posted. I did not plan on writing a blog this early....but was inspired, or better yet disturbed at what I saw, or what I have been seeing.

There were two videos of children, no toddlers, no BABIES....doing outrageous things. I was like are you serious? I mean it is not funny, it is not cute, it is actually sad. I mean why do adults, I would say parents, but to me parents would not let their children be encouraged for foolishness, record and post this stuff online??? They want 15 minutes of fame?

Now I am all for positive images and encouraging children to use their gifts and talents. I am all for entertainment that is funny, but to let a child do whatever? To show a child that obviously doing something bad and encouraging the behavior? I remember back in the day there was joke that said it was sad that a child could tootsie roll, but could not read....the tradition still goes. But why????

Why is a ghetto mindset encouraged...and sad to say this not a "black" issue. I have seen youtube clips of all races of kids. Then we wonder what is wrong with society or what is wrong with kids today. Seeing a baby in a diaper drop it like it is hot is not cute. Seeing a child curse out their parent or another child is not cute. Seeing two children grinding on each other is not cute. Seeing a child curse out their parent is not cute. Seeing a child hit or fight someone else is not cute.

Okay....I think I am done venting. To end on a positive note. A positive clip on youtube. These boys are too cute. They are singing and enjoying a Popsicle...then running of to jump on trampoline...what kids should be doing at that age.

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natasia said...

That is the most cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!