Friday, November 13, 2009

Affirmation of a Parent.

This morning my mother and I had our usual early morning conversation.  I was venting frustrations about my job and just talked about plans for today.  What surprised me were the words she said in the midst of our conversation.  The more I think about those words, the more I am like WOW!!!

Does not matter what she said, but what she made me think about is how the words of a mother, words of a parent can mean so much. The affirmation of a parent can do magnificent things.  I began to think about what I can do and what I will do in the near future just because of a few words.

I also thought about the amount of children and even adults to this day who do not get affirmation from their parents and who still seek affirmation from their parents in so many ways....and not all of them good. Can you even imagine what a child can or would have become if their parent(s) told them what they could do? Can you imagine how many children would not be out in the world seeking negative attention just to get affirmation from people who truly don't love them because the people that were supposed to love them ignored them?

These are just my thoughts from a small, but meaningful conversation I had this morning. I am thankful for my mother and all that she has taught me and instilled in me.  More than she will ever know. I now think about and pray about the people who are still longing for the affirmation of a parent.

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