Monday, April 5, 2010

Being Single is NOT a Disease!!!

The other day on facebook I played a little trick on my friends. It was the day after "April Fool's Day" and surprisingly no one suspected I might pull a little prank.  I don't put that much personal information on facebook...I know 99% of my facebook friends...but I do have work colleagues and kids I mentor on my page...they don't need to know everything about me.  For a couple of years I have not put my relationship status on my page, but I decided to change it to "In a Relationship." This shocked the world....LOL!! Most people do not know I have never been in a relationship, but most people assume I have and I don't correct them on the assumption (too much of a hassle to get into why when people are shocked.)

So I received comments, messages, texts, emails, and phone calls over this status change which I thought was HILARIOUS!!! One friend was even ready to plan a special.  What was interesting and what made me change my status back to nothing (I don't put that I am single either) was a comment that was made by a family friend. She was older and is a friend of my aunt, we rarely talk on facebook, but we say hi and check up on each other from time to time. She was so excited that I was seeing someone and stated that must be the reason of the big smile on my face on the above picture. I then had to break the news to her....still don't think she understood or realized I was joking, but oh well.

I am happy that people were happy that I was in a relationship, but why? What is wrong with being single? I mean I want to be in a relationship one day, but I want a healthy relationship, I just don't want to settle for anything or anyone.  I am single and content and happy. Not to say I don't have my moments, but like the title says being single is not a disease!!! I think people get in relationships for the wrong reasons. Yes we are relational people, but being in a relationship to just say you have some one even though the person is not "the one" for you is a mess!

Just my thoughts...I am up, but sleepy, but can't go back to sleep. Oh Well! I need to do some research online and get some things done. I guess I will get started. Hope everyone is having a blessed day!


LC said...

Your right, being single is not a disease. I think a large part of our society has the mindset that "if you’re not with somebody then you’re a nobody." Like you, I'm not willing to settle for mess to not be alone.

Unknown said...

I recently changed my facebook status to in a relationship and I got a LOT of feedback because it...I was like huh? I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years now...but w/e gives them joy I say.

Minimalist Beauty said...

I did just get married in October yet the relationships that I had before my husband were awful. It was when I finally put my foot down and decided that I wasn't going to date unworthy men that I finally learned to value and appreciate myself. I learned to become my own best friend and have fun just me. The book Artist's Way by Julia Cameron was also right on time. It's a great book for creatives or those who want to be.
Being single can be the best thing a woman can do. It is not bad and can really be a blessing. I really enjoyed my time single when I wasn't looking for love. It showed up when I was happy with myself and not even thinking about it.