Thursday, April 29, 2010

When do you stop???

Yesterday as I working and walking on campus the topic of this post popped in my head. I work in an academic setting and I encounter various people and most of them are very interesting...There is this one lady working on her academic studies and sad to say...she never looks happy. She is always the last one in the classroom, she is always talking to the teacher and she is always sitting working in the classroom.  Now most people would take this as hard work and dedication...well when I saw her the other day it sparked another thought process in my brain.

I am not negating the value of hard work, but when do you realize that maybe the profession, the career, the goal....just is not going to work out. Hear me out. If I want to be a doctor and in school I work hard and study 24/7, but still get Ds and Fs in my pre-med classes, don't understand anything and hate school....are you really meant to be a doctor? If you have dreams of becoming a rap star and you are 40 years old and have not cut a major deal, not even really known in your home city, are you really meant to be a rap star??? If the guy that you swear God has told you is your future husband has been HAPPILY married for 10 years, has 3 kids, and just sent you an invitation to the renewing of his vows you really think that this is the guy for you?

I did not write this to deter anyone from their dreams or visions. I do believe sometimes you do have to work harder, and some times things take longer for others, but when do you let that vision go?  I know even in my life I have not reached milestones that I need and want to accomplish. I realize that I might not get there when other people have gotten there, but I know I will get there...Example, people keep pushing me to buy a house. I want to buy a house, but right now with my student loans and the salary I make now buying a house is not in the cards yet. I do have a plan and a house is in the future (next 5 years) but right now if I were to buy a house I would have a house, but no money, and no fun.

People have to work hard for their dreams....but....there has to come a point.

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Minimalist Beauty said...

Ok so you do have a blog! Great article. I agree that sometimes you do have to step back. I am a perfectionist and it hasn't helped in all areas. It drives me crazy and sometimes it makes me try too hard and not be able to see my own progress. Finally I am a the point when I am allowing myself not to be doing work all the time and just have some fun. The balance has actually helped me with my work!