Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Belong Together

esterday on facebook one of my friends posted You and I by Stevie Wonder and stated that she always thinks of Michael singing the show on Good Times....what was funny I had to find the clip and post on her page. That got me to search for one of my favorite clips from the Cosby Show. It was the episode where Claire and her father are singing We Belong Together. I LOVE this song!!!!

Problem is....that it is so hard to find on the web.  But I do believe you can google about anything and find a clip, article, or information on any topic you want.  I found the youtube and posted it below...they start singing the song around 3:30 in the clip. So now I have the urge to buy the song and add to my Ipod....there is the next problem.  Can't buy on Itunes or Amazon. When you search the song Mariah Carey's song always comes up and a few other more popular artist who have a song with the same title....but it is NOT the song I want :-( So I decided to the lyrics of the song into google. Then found out the song was by Shelton Becton....he has a website and everything! I think this was his most famous song based on the website....

Now I still can't purchase the song :-( but now I can listen online anytime I get the urge....I can even buy the sheet music if I have the desire to one day!

Watch the clip. Enjoy! They don't make television shows like this anymore. The singing starts around 3:30....LOVE IT!!!

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Anonymous said...

I know its way after your original post, but you sound as enthusiastic about this episode and song as I am. That being said, I did find this on his website, and while not a complete recording (which I am still searching for) it is at least a good sample of his voice, which I adore. I will keep you up to date regarding my success in finding a full cut.