Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When should you open up?

This morning I had a lot on my mind....I recently met up with an old friend that I had not seen in years. We had reconnected on facebook, but finally met up face to face which was totally unexpected. What was funny I never thought we would connect up again, but we did. 

As we talked and thought about what has been going on in each others lives he made a statement that really got me to thinking. I have heard the statement several times before, but when he said it I really got to thinking.  What he said was that I need to start opening up more....what was funny, it did not click in my head until after I had left and began to process the conversation. 

I realized it takes a lot for me to open up...but what gets me is everytime I open up someone lets me down, rather it be a family member or friend. So I think I have gotten to the point of not opening up at all for the most part. I mean why should I trust you with the big things in my life when you totally ignore or take for granted the little things in my life?

I have a friend who I love dearly who does not get this about me. The person is there for me when I need it and I know if I am ever in a tight spot they got my back...but the little things in my life and in our friendship are taken for granted by this person.

Just another venting blog....I guess I wrote just to get some thoughts out and pose the question in the title. When should a person open up? I know you should not tell everyone everything, but there has to be a balance....

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