Friday, May 28, 2010


Why do people sugarcoat things?? Alicia Keys had an affair with a married man and got pregnant by him before the divorce was final.

This is the status on facebook that I put this morning. This sparked an interesting conversation about the situation (too long to cut and paste on here). Some people understood what I was trying to say others took offense, or disagreed to some extent of what I was saying. 

I did not post to judge the situation, but merely stating a fact. I think people should call a spade a spade. It is what it is. Rather you think something is wrong or right with the situation it is what happened. My thinking or logic is....if you did not feel that the situation was wrong, you would not get upset about the statement that was made.

That is all. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Remember the reason for the holiday...and it is not to eat bbq!

Side note...First "cookout" holiday with me not eating meat....lets see what I will have, and will not be eating grilled tofu (vegan blog suggested today).

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Unknown said...

I TOTALLY feel you on this!!!