Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Back!!!

I am back!!! Although my break from twitter and facebook only lasted one day (so sad) I did not blog while on my break and a lot has happened.  I still took time to think and clear things out of my head...Life has been interesting to say the list.  I have gotten some answers about some things and still processing others. We shall see what happens in the future. 

Listed below are some things that happened while I was away from blogger.

  1. I realized how much money I was wasting...I so have to get it together!
  2. Met my mom's half sister for the first time (mom met her for the first time too)....interesting story, might share one day.
  3. Had a great trip to Atlanta! Was tired, but got to see some old friends.
  4. Finished a scrapbook, which was gift. They enjoyed!
  5. I had a lot of "me" time which I needed...still need some more.
  6. Began questioning a lot more things in life.
  7. Almost became the bitter black best friend snapped me out of it. I can't give up hope!!!
  8. Stepped on a scale....queso and chips is not good for the weight loss plan, but it is so good for my taste buds!
  9. Found out my email was taking up all the space on my phone. So not good.
This is all I can share for now....there are a couple of things I am working on and one very exciting event in my life next week that I can't wait to share....but not yet.

Hope everyone is doing well. Why is it in the 90s in Nashville and it is not even technically summer yet? You know how much water I have to drink???? JESUS!!!! 

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