Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Public vs. Private

Yesterday I finally decided to blog about some thoughts that have been in my mind for a while. One of my biggest issues that I struggle with is being judgmental....I have come a LONG way, but I still find myself falling in this area. I realize everyone has issues that they struggle with some are more visable than others, and I hate to say it society and people have a hierarchy of how they lable a person's issues. What people (including me) fell to realize that a visable issue is usually a manifestation of something rooted deeper inside that someone has not dealt with....just my thoughts.

One thing that gets me is the difference in private vs. public issues. What do I mean??? Well... a lot of times I see people who stand for something, but they contradict themselves....we all fall short, but when it becomes a lifestyle, I begin to question.


The rapper that cusses out everyone, sleeps with anyone, smokes anything, and does anything that he wants....then thanks God for his (or her) success.


The person who has a secret affair while being married. This person knows having an affair is one knows about the affair, and person truly feels that his or her actions or wrong, but still has an affair.

Which is worse? The person who struggles or the person who openly does something wrong?

I understand people have different value systems, but where is a standard. I will give you my own personal example....I have struggles and do things that I find are wrong, not that I try to hide them, but most people have no clue or choose to ignore when I get "caught up" I know what I am doing is wrong and I struggle to stop, but not so simple....but when I see person "X" do the same thing that I do, but they have not struggle or pass it of as something that is acceptable I have a problem with it. Don't have a problem with the person., but the action. Make Sense??/

Just me processing things in my head. Starbucks is kicking in, but still mad sleepy. I so need to get it together. So many emails to respond to today. HELP!!!

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