Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It just doesn't fit

Lately a lot of my blogs stem out of facebook statuses or conversations....interesting. Well, the other day I made this statement and no one commented on it, but it is pretty much how I feel these days.
Can't fit a square shape into where the circle shape goes...should have learned that back in preschool.
Recently I realized this is exactly what I have been doing. I think in my last post I put that someone has been intriguing me lately....well the more I think about that person the more I realize it is just like putting a square shape where the circle shape goes. What do I mean by this? This person is great, a cool friend, but as far as relationship compatibility it is a no go because we differ on a huge non-negotiable.  As much as I would like it to work at this point in both of our lives the situation does not make sense and forcing it is not helpful.

I came to this conclusion about a relationship, but I realized in so many areas in life we try to make stuff fit when it is not supposed to. Rather it be a job, friendship, relationship, or any decision we make. Most of the time for me it is out of pride and stubborness. I just refuse to believe I was wrong about the situation or maybe I just don't want to let go....but sometimes we do more damage when we don't let go. It hurts, but in the long run it is for the better.


lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

I agree totally. I loved this post.

Luv Lisa

Humbly Beautiful said...

Thank you! Just voicing how I feel.